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Encyclopedia Histeria - Images

Histeria! Images

Encyclopedia Histeria proudly presents pictures and stills of your favorite
characters and episodes.  Click on the description to view the image.

Most new images are being incorporated into the Episode Guide.  Be
sure to check out the many pictures there...thanks

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The Regulars

Big Fat Baby and Father Time
Father Time Your Guide Through Time No One's Harier Father Time and Big Fat Baby Big Fat Baby Big Fat Baby dressed as a jester Big Fat Road Baby Big Fat Baby Big Fat Baby with a pie on his head Big Fat Baby Crying Big Fat Baby wearing Napoleon's hat, drooling Fetch Fetch jumps Fetch tears up Of Mice and Men
Miss Information
Miss Information Giant Miss Information picture #1 Giant Miss Information picture #2 Giant Miss Information picture #3 Miss Info at her desk Miss Information and Forrest Gump on a bench Miss Info's tour group sings a song Miss Information discusses Blake Miss Info and the hits of the (18)60's Miss Info leads a 70's Kid Chorus tour group Miss Info's title shot Miss Info with Montezuma (by request) Miss Info waves (by request) Miss Info, Father Time, and Big Fat Baby Miss Info at the beach (by request) Miss Info dressed as a cowboy #1, by request Miss Info dressed as a cowboy #2, by request Miss Info dressed as a cowboy #3, by request
Pepper Mills
Pepper Mills Pepper wearing headphones Pepper, BFBG, and Lucky Bob in jail Giant Pepper Mills picture #1 Giant Pepper Mills picture #2 Pepper Mills adores Eisenstein Pepper Mills admires Eisenhower Pepper dressed for winter Pepper with Rosa Parks Pepper looks ready to explode Pepper and the Kid Chorus Pepper's title shot, with Abe Lincoln Pepper thinks she looks hot in red Pepper Mills at the beach (by request) Pepper Mills in a swimsuit (by request) Pepper Mills and George Washington Pepper meets someone who's not John MacEnroe Pepper with the Bill of Rights Pepper hugs Napoleon
The World's Oldest Woman
The World's Oldest Woman Bill Straitman and World's Oldest Woman World's Oldest Woman, from her porch World's Oldest Woman chases the host World's Oldest Woman gets dramatic Napoleon and World's Oldest Woman Jean-Paul Sartre and World's Oldest Woman Lydia Karaoke Lydia Karaoke: Network Censor Lydia from her show, "The Third Degree" Lydia tosses her hair back Lydia takes on Mr. Smartypants' filth Mr. Smartypants, from the same sketch Lydia with Immanuel Kant
Toast Toast from his "Ask Me If I Care" chair Toast wonders what he's doing on a quiz show Toast chills at the beach(by request) Skin's just as fried as his brain Toast wants legalize it Toast eating and surfing Toast flees from attack planes at Pearl Harbor Toast meets Isaac Newt-weight...I mean Newton Toast again Rock on Toast plays guitar Toast plays guitar and watches TV Molly Pitcher Sarah Good (Molly Pitcher) is accused of witchcraft

The Kid Chorus

Loud Kiddington
Loud Kiddington Loud screams the Roman calendar Dressed as Abe Lincoln Destroying Mount Rushmore Loud pitches a script to Sammy Melman Loud practices singing too close to Charity Charity wants to rip Loud's vocal chords out Loud Kiddington Arrested by Froggo's big buddy Stalin Loud's introductory shot Loud's dog, Fetch From Loud's Jingle Loud at Bart Simpson's chalkboard Loud looks up a chimney
Charity Bazaar
Charity Bazaar For the 13th Amendment Snuggling with Squeeze-Me Richard Nixon In a nurse's outfit looking melancholy Letterboxed Charity As a pilgrim Animals like her Dressed up Charity Bazaar Charity shrugs Charity yelling Charity yelling Charity awaits death from sabre-toothed tigers In a blue bathing suit
Charity Bazaar
Charity chained to a wall Gestures to Panama Canal workers As a viking Smells stinky BFB Carried off by Russian revolutionaries Intro picture Hands tied, sailor suit Charity dressed as a pilgrim Again with the pilgrim costume Again with the pilgrim costume Again with the pilgrim costume Again with the pilgrim costume Again with the pilgrim costume Loud and Charity appear to share a laugh Locked in the pillories
Aka Pella
Aka Pella Aka and Rene Descartes argue over BFB Aka Pella plays tennis... ...and doesn't like having her game interrupted Aka introduces Franklin D. Roosevelt Aka explains Soviet post-war dominance of Eastern Europe Close-up of Aka Pella Aka's introductory shot Aka and Froggo sing Aka Pella Aka and Loud show off their toques "Change Big Fat Baby!" Aka and Charity get presidential
Froggo Froggo's latest book Froggo as poet William Blake Froggo Froggo finds Nixon's missile launch button Froggo pilots a pteradon Froggo's introductory shot Froggo dressed for the Middle Ages Froggo flies a kite with the Kid Chorus Froggo gets Ben Franklin mad
The Kid Chorus
The Kid Chorus, Together The Apollo 13 ground control Megalomaniacs intro Cow Pie! #1 Cow Pie! #2 Cow Pie! #3 Cow Pie! #4 My favorite picture ever Living in the Dustbowl The New Deal hires millions of Lucky Bob workers New Deal promotes cultural improvement The Kid Chorus
The 1940 Kid Chorus The 1942 Kid Chorus Aka, Froggo, and Charity from the Yalta sketch The Kid Chorus as futbol-playing slaves Charity, Froggo, BFB, and Aka as cave dwellers ...and Charity, Froggo, BFB, and Aka as lions ...and Charity, Froggo, BFB, and Aka as whales A Kid Chorus line Swaying to the World's Oldest Woman theme Shake yo' booty... The kids hassle Nixon The Kid Chorus for the people's revolution Walking down the steps in Battleship Potemkin Charity, Froggo, and Loud domesticate buzzards The Kid Chorus
Lucky Bob, Cho-cho, and Charity taunt the enemy The kids look historical The kids search for Big Fat Baby ...and beg you please, on bended knees... The Kid Chorus and some animals Singing
Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho
The Other Kids Pule Houser and Charity relive the 60's British kidnappers push Charity into Pule And Pule gets upset Cho-Cho Cho-Cho up close Cho-Cho loves guitar playing Hi-Yo! Lucky Bob protests Joe Stalin Lucky Bob sings next to Miss Info Susanna Susquahanna Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho Cho-Cho sells magazines to Descartes Cho-Cho and Ben Franklin
Julius Caesar
Histeria! Guest Stars Julius Caesar John Steinbeck Ben Franklin 1 Ben Franklin 2 Ben Franklin 3 Loud, Ben Franklin, and the Liberty Bell Joan of Arc plays Melman's secretary Toast interviews Charlemagne Abraham Lincoln holds up Big Fat Baby Abraham Lincoln gets aggressive U.S President James Madison Alexander Hamilton & John Jay Billy The Kid Julius Caesar and Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette
Lizzie Borden
Billy The Kid #2 Lizzie Borden, from a Group Therapy sketch Napoleon checks on Big Fat Baby Napoleon leads his men across 'de plain' Neil Armstrong Nostradamus and Loud Kiddington Nostradamus grins Nostradamus #2 Nostradamus #3 Nostradamus #4 Nostradamus #5 Nostradamus #6 Henry VIII wanted a son Henry dies in 1547 Mary Tudor--had strength Winston Churchill, 1940 Roosevelt writes Churchill Confucius Joan of Arc, peasant girl
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon--not so big Napoleon tips his hat Napoleon's cash is all tapped out Wait for spring before attacking Russia Napoleon needs some quick cash Europe is just a start Napoleon and Josephine Napoleon and Josephine #2 Take Waterloo--sil vous plait! Invading a country and taxing them for the bill
The Histeria! Bus