Miss Information

Voiced by: Laraine Newman

Miss Information, one of Histeria's main purveyors of historical data, leads her camera-toting tour group through the past--onto battlegrounds, restricted areas, and a host of other hazardous and remote locations, acting as if the whole world were her museum. Always pleasantly effervescent, Miss Info delivers her tour speeches in a cheery Southern accent, pausing only to tell her group, "Let's move along, people!". She gets her facts straight about half the time, and should anyone question something she has said through her ever-present bullhorn, she defends her skewed view of history with some bizarre and condescending sophistry that usually leaves her critic slack-jawed and lightly shaking their head in confusion.

When she's not leading her tour group (composed usually of touristy Midwestern types), Miss Info sits at her information desk and narrates Histeria! sketches off cue cards (and reads them in a cheery voice no matter how apalling the historical event in question is). She's also the show's vision of beauty (cast once as Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"), always pleasantly dressed in a short white skirt and tight red top. Voice artist Laraine Newman, who used the show to demonstrate her great vocal versatility (her H! credits also include Joan of Arc, Charity Bazaar, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Sarah Coopersmith-Fitzwarren-Goldenheimer-Stein), had undoubtedly her greatest success in bringing Miss Information to life.

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