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Lucky Bob

Lucky Bob

Hi-yo!  Lucky Bob as the Statue of Liberty

Voiced by: Jeff Glen Bennett

A strange boy of indeterminate age, Lucky Bob appears to be suffering from some sort of mental handicap that leaves him rather 'agreeable'. That is, he spends most of his time imitating Ed McMahon from The Tonight Show. He is, however, very friendly and lovable, and has been one of Histeria's most amusing characters. Usually accompanied by his best friend Cho-Cho, Bob can be found in Miss Information's tour group or driving the host of a gameshow up the wall by giving inexplicable answers to the easiest of questions.

Lucky Bob (just ask Cho-Cho how he got that name, and she'll give you a variety of explanations) can be identified by his curly tuft of blond hair, his large belly hanging out his red shirt, his vacant, half-closed eyes, and his impressive overbite. He was once given his own show, "One on One With Lucky Bob", which, probably owing to the riot that occurred on set, never got a second episode. His finest moment on the show was undoubtedly from "Histeria! Goes to the Moon", singing a solo on "A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves". Classic television.