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Loud Kiddington

Loud Kiddington

Loud destroys a national monument with sound waves

Voiced by: Cody Ruegger
Catchphrases: "What a grouch!"

Histeria's resident walking crate of dynamite, voiced by one of the Ruegger children, proudly takes on the duty of harassing history's most famous geniuses with piercing sound waves emanating from his enormous mouth. Loud Kiddington, who is in almost every sketch (so we're told in a jingle from his very own episode Loud Kiddington's Ancient History), is the Kid Chorus' central personality, the everykid of the show. While Loud isn't the most talented singer of the group (as proven by his song about rice in Song Dynasty, the Musical), it doesn't mean he has a weak voice. Oh, no. Usually seen wearing a light green shirt and blue shorts with sneakers, Loud sometimes changes into the outfit of a town crier from American Revolutionary times. And considering his volume level, it's a most appropriate outfit.

One of Loud's roles on the show involves introducing sketches and historical events and people by yelling their names next to crashing "Monty Python"-like titles. Not only this, but he gets to play a number of historical characters such as Mozart and Pheidippides. But it's Loud's main role in the show, leading assaults on the patience of varous historical figures, all the way from Huang Di to Issac Newton to Daniel Boone to Nikola Tesla to George Bush, that makes him one of the show's best known characters. Usually, if Loud and the Chorus don't end up doing the dirty work and letting the historical figure take the credit, they send their victim running to the hills to escape an impending loss of sanity (or hearing).

Loud has a number of quick comedic bits he performs regularly, including one of Histeria's more innovative forays into interactive television, the dramatic reenactment. At Father Time's cue, we are instructed to turn the volume on our TV sets to its maximum setting, at which point Loud recreates some volume-rich event in history (the invention of dynamite, the Big Bang, the shot heard 'round the world...), which allows you, depending upon the size of your speakers, to rattle the windows of any number of houses around. Loud has also done a recurring bit that started with a sketch about how vikings, lacking knowledge of the sea, would sail close enough to land so they wouldn't get lost. Loud's job? Making sure they didn't veer off course by either murmuring "See it...see it..." when land was in sight and screaming "DON'T SEE IT!" when land disappears. His catchphrase, "What a grouch!", is yelled at full volume, usually when the Kid Chorus' new best friend lashes out or when Father Time loses his cool.

Loud, voiced by the youngest Ruegger, Cody, had quite a bit of screen time to develop his character, and, by the end of the show, was proving quite talented and deserving of his role as Histeria's lead kid (get a load of the line yelled at Melman, "No, wait, you seem stupid enough to be a lawyer!", in Heroes of Truth and Justice, as evidence of his talents). Loud's charm is in his youthful innocence ("Whoa, imagine my embarrassment") mixed with a Dennis-the-Menace style disruptiveness, and Cody Ruegger has done a commendable job giving the character of Loud Kiddington life.