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Froggo's curiosity nearly causes a nuclear holocaust in Nixon's Oval Office

Voiced by: Nathan Ruegger

Froggo stands apart from the other three central Kid Chorus members--no one's ever mentioned his last name, he doesn't have a significant catchphrase, he's much shorter than the others...oh, and, uh, there's the voice. Froggo's croaking, skillfully done by Nathan, one of the Ruegger sons, is one of the funniest aspects of the show, merely because of the subtle inflections behind the voice--it's not just someone growling into a microphone, it's deliberate vocal talent with exemplary diction. And behind that voice, Froggo is such an incredible gentleman and a genius wrapped in his own little world, that we see having a real catchphrase would violate his character. Oh, sure he has ongoing comedy bits--he'll run up to a historical celebrity and ask to borrow two different, seemingly useless items when used in conjunction (things like cantaloupe and chicken-wire fence), and then go into a frenzied panic when that same celebrity has neither--but what Froggo's really there for is to give the show some character depth.

Usually seen wearing a "Fred Durst"-like backwards red ballcap, Froggo otherwise sports a t-shirt (light blue), shorts (dark blue), and sneakers just like the rest of the Kid Chorus. He has very fair shaggy blond hair under his cap, almost white in color when compared to Charity's, and has a very round head (he was cast as a cannonball in General Sherman's Campsite) and short, squat body. His most significant roles on the show have been in playing Ivan the Terrible, poet William Blake, writer of the first dictionary Samuel Johnson, and Josef Stalin's little "buddy", the last of which was one of Histeria's finest moments.