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Aka Pella

Aka Pella

Close up of Aka Pella

Voiced by: Cree Summer
Catchphrase: "What the dilly-o?"

While Aka Pella's voice won't damage your eardrum like Loud's, she can deflate a famous figure just as well with a few sassy words, delivering put-downs with style and impeccable timing. Not only that, but she's the Chorus' best singer (have a listen to People Wanted Pepper on Their Food--who else in this group could carry a solo tune for that long?), and knows her history. Why? Because she's been there, and has talked a great number of historical figures into changing Big Fat Baby.

Her usual appearance takes in some aspects of the Yakko Warner look--unlike the rest of the Kid Chorus, she prefers pants to shorts, and wears a tan T-shirt tucked into them. Her hair is usually tied back in puffs, with the exception of her enormous afro in the Watergate sketch, when the Kid Chorus tried the patience of Nixon by protesting in the Oval Office and erasing parts of his tapes. In later episodes of Histeria!, Aka wasn't afraid to show the street in her, calling Pepper "girlfriend", using the phrase "get jiggy with it", and wisecracking "welcome to the crib, homey!" to enemy soldiers as they charged through her castle (before leading them off a cliff a la Bugs Bunny). Aka is rarely in her historical costume, which consists of either a blue or red dress, but like the rest of the Kid Chorus, often wears other costumes that coincide with the time period of each particular sketch.

Aka owes her vocal talents to Cree Summer, a longtime animation voice and a singer with two album's worth of material to her credit. Using a voice similar to her Elmyra Duff of Tiny Toon Adventures, only more mature (and less frightening), Cree brought a great deal to Aka and, thus, to Histeria!, helping to mold pretty much Histeria's only African-American regular.

Aka, unfortunately, had to wait until the last few episodes of Histeria! to get more significant roles, but her best moments on the show have been on the tennis courts in revolutionary France, making fun of General Custer at his Last Custard Stand, and having spitball wars with Froggo during Rosa Parks' famous bus ride.