Episode #52 - Big Fat Baby Theatre

Sketch List:
Big Fat Baby Theatre Intro
Big Fat Baby Theatre: The Theft of the Crown Jewels (1671)
A Word From the Wise: Marie Curie (1898)

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The Funny Side of Seige Warfare (500-1500 A.D.)

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The Great Depression (1929)
The Gold Standard (1896) (song)
The Blues
The Musical Scale

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The Baby Boom (1950's)
A Farewell From Histeria!
Images from the Episode

Aka narrates the 'Blues' sketch
BFB reenacts 'The Baby Boom'
Big Fat Baby hosts 'A Word From the Wise'...
...though Marie Curie thinks that someone has just left a baby on the set
Marie Curie's agent
Curie tries to cheer BFB up
Big Fat Baby really, really wants to be put down
Nurse Charity isn't happy
Big Fat Baby gets a good hosing down from Father Time
World's Oldest Woman stars in a Goldfinger parody
The Gold Standard
Big Fat Baby takes aim
Big Fat Baby as Talbot Edwards, keeper of the Crown Jewels
Thomas Blood and his gang attempt to flee
The king pardons Blood
Father Time narrates the BFB 'Crown Jewel' sketch
Miss Info and others wearing only barrels
Miss Info hosts a special on the musical scale
Miss Info and Al Legro, "musician" who claims to have "written" the "note" "H"
Miss Info again...I get requests, you have to understand
Aka and Lucky Bob defend their castle, as Cho-Cho looks out
Attackers use the flaming arrows
Pepper hugs Toast
Pepper sees that they're coming again...
The Big Fat Baby catapult
War stinks.

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