Episode #51 - Euro-Mania

Sketch List:
Theme - The Ballad of Father Time
Scrapple at the Chapel
Eyewitness to History: The Renaissance (WOW & Straitman)

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Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press (1457)
Ask Me If I Care: Charlemagne (773 A.D.)

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The Gorging Gormet with Napoleon (1815)
Things I Find in My Pants: The Tricolor (1789)

Images from the episode

Da Vinci 'scrapples in the chapel'
Against Michaelangelo for title of greatest Renaissance artist
They battle fiercly in the medium of marble
And churn out world-class masterpieces
It's Round 2, says the chick with the "2"
Leonardo paints Last Supper
While Michaelangelo slaps somethin' on the ceiling
Sister Windbag promotes the merits of both works
Round 3: the shadow puppet challenge
Toast was expecting a boxing match perhaps?
When the judges give a 'no decision', it becomes one
Bill and WOW get together for a Renaissance talk
During the period, the World's Oldest Woman posed in the flesh a couple times
At the end, Bill claps for her wonderful Shakespeare
Toast finds himself eye-to-eye with Charlemagne
Charles isn't happy to be here and is amazed by Toast's apathy
But that doesn't stop him from tooting his own horn
which tends to make Toast shoot you into the sky
Sister Windbag loves her Bible, one of Gutenberg's
WOW tries to get Gutenberg to print her motel some Bibles
Weirdly, Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob try to sell Gutenberg books
Gutenberg's spilled his letters everywhere
Aka gets shoved out the door
Where's the letter 'U'? Toast has a letter for 'U'
Pepper bugs him
Lucky Bob shoots peas out of his nose
Charity talks about her Grandfather...zing!
Lucky Bob has a runny nose
Toast hates the spread of the printing press when it comes to homework
Culminating in our information age...Elvis gives birth to alien baby?
The Gorging Gormet with World's Oldest Woman...today she's with Napoleon
He's pretty mad at her for interrupting him
Napoleon's about to kill her, but she decides to name a dessert after him
But he's too busy eating to notice he's lost the war
Mr. Smartypants and the French national colors
Lydia wants Smartypants to stop pulling things out of his pants...
But a quick call from the ratings department changes that
"What's Napoleon doing in there?!" she asks...but I'll bet she doesn't wanna know
Here it is, the Tricolor, France's national banner

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