Episode #50 - Heroes of Truth and Justice

Sketch List:
Theme - It's Called Histeria!
Loud Kiddington Jingle
Socrates: The Trial of the Century (399 B.C.)

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Rosa Parks (song)
Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955)

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I Have A Dream Speech (1963)

Images from the episode

Father Time and Big Fat Baby in Athens, 399 B.C.
Bill Straitman introduces us to the "Trial of the Century"
Everyone in the court room waits for Judge Kiddington
Loud finally realizes that he's Judge Kiddington
Toast plays the defense attorney
Sammy Melman plays the prosecutor, who thinks Loud looks a little young for a judge
And Loud thinks Samuel looks too stupid to be a lawyer
Socrates, in the background, makes fun of Sammy
Cho-Cho, called to the stand, defends Socrates
But Sammy thinks her language is too much for "the children", Charity Bazaar
The courtroom breaks for a short recess
Sammy gives Socrates trouble on the stand
Loud sleeps through this part
Socrates is sentenced to drink hemlock
But Lydia informs him that nobody dies on Histeria
The Rosa Parks song
The driver sends Rosa to the back
Charity and Aka take down a drinking fountain sign
Taking a stand for civil rights
End of song...
The year: 1955, Montgomery, Alabama
Forrest Gump interrupts Miss Information
The white seats is all full up!
But the back of the bus isn't much better...there's Toast and Cho-Cho making a racket
...Loud singing "bottles of beer on the wall" and Charity yelling at him to shut up...
Pule ate too much Hot Dog Soup and is ready to retch
...Aka and Froggo having a water gun/water balloon fight...
...and Rosa doesn't want to go back there...
Meanwhile, Charity's about to kill Loud
...and she's definitely not happy...
...Lucky Bob's chewing gum from underneath the seat...
Cho-Cho thinks she's Yoko Ono...
...and Pepper's working on a metal shop class project...
A mooshed picture
Toast and Cho-Cho still screaming away, until Toast's guitar explodes
So Rosa is outta there
Watergun fight pt. 1
Watergun fight pt. 2
Watergun fight pt. 3
While in Miss Info's tour group, BFB wanders off...Aka is first to notice (no smell)
Washington and Miss Info argue about the Monument
Lucky Bob last saw BFB...in his mashed potatoes??
Extreme close-up of Pepper screaming
Zoom back a little bit...there we go
Charity dressed all nice-like
"Big Fat Baby! Where are you?" ...doesn't anyone know his name?
Aka thinks he might have wandered off toward that big mass of people
Over at the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King gives a famous speech
There's quite a few people demonstrating
Dr. King speaks
The kids move through the crowd after the baby...
Who's stinking everything up
Yep, he's definitely been this way
World's Oldest Woman finally catches the lil devil
...and gives him a new diaper
Aka lets freedom ring in New Hampshire
Mr. Smartypants and Franklin let freedom ring in Philadelphia
Toast lets freedom ring in his native CA
Pepper Mills and Harriet Tubman let freedom ring in Tennessee
Big Histeria get-together at Lincoln Memorial
And Loud, Aka, and Toast finally get their hands on their favorite bouncing bundle of stank

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