Episode #49 - Histeria! Goes to the Moon

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
What's My Job? with Neil Armstrong

[commercial break]

Apollo 13 (1970)

[commercial break]

Toast Histeria! filler
That's One Small Step For [a] Man (1969)
Please Watch Our Show (song)

Images from the episode:

Lydia Karaoke hosts "What's My Job?"
Today's guest...Neil Armstrong
Pepper thinks she knows what Neil's job is...
...he played with Crosby, Stills, & Nash, right?
Toast: "is he an Elvis impersonator?"
Lucky Bob: "Is he an answering machine?"
Armstrong: "That's a negative."
Lucky Bob: "Is he a giant chicken?"
They finally 'recognize' him...as Tom Hanks from Apollo 13
Neil and his famous (botched) quote
Ground control with Andrea Romano
Romano can't get Neil to say it right
Lucky Bob, her assistant
Father Time and BFB, 1969
Lucky Bob with a jetpack
Mr. Smartypants jumpers Apollo 13 with his car
The rocket flies through the atmosphere
Houston is in control...
The Apollo 13 crew
There's some stowaways on board...
WOW flirts with an astronaut
Lucky Bob lets them know that they'll be no distraction
Miss Info and Lucky Bob
Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob
Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho play "I Spy"
Something that begins with B? Is it the "Big Moon"?
Is it Big Fat Baby?
After 55 hours of this, Lucky Bob tells...
It was 'chocolate'
Lucky Bob and a very cute Cho-Cho
Pepper's pulling her hair out over the malfunctioning Apollo 13
It's on, baby
A gas leak on Apollo 13
All your diaper are belong to Cho-Cho
Loud's sonic waves send Aka flying
Cho-Cho chases BFB as Lucky Bob tries to get Straitman to pull his finger
Gene Franz (Mr. Smartypants) gets an idea...you saw "Apollo 13", didn't you?
Pepper and Aka with Smartypants
Toast remains calm though all around him is chaos
Finally home...
Charity holds her candle in the "Please Watch Our Show" song
Loud, Charity, and Aka sing it
The main cast sings
The boys sing their part
Followed by the girls, getting mournful
The boys "lose their shirts"...
Molly Pitcher lets pyrophobic Joan put her candle out
BIG image...tons of H! characters holding candles.


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