Episode #47 - The French Revolution

a.k.a. "France"

Sketch List:

Theme: Histeria! March
Nostradamus & Loud Kiddington filler
Louie, Louie (Paris, France 1789) (song)

[commercial break]

Nostradamus & BFB filler
The Tennis Court Oath (Versailles, France 1789)

[commercial break]

Nostradamus & Froggo filler
The Rise and Fall of Napoleon

[commercial break]

Nostradamus closing
Images from the Episode:

Big Fat Baby 'plays' a Parisian artist
The people of Europe (Charity Bazaar) aren't happy about the return of Napoleon
The Histeria kids play destitute revolutionaries
Loud and Charity talk about Toast's bathroom-hogging
Pepper Mills has a 'revolutionary' idea
Aka complains of hunger
The kids eat dirt
Aka strikes a cute pose
Aka, Charity, BFB, and others watch the King's execution
The kids raise a sausage in toast to Napoleon
Miss Info in a sparkly red dress
Napoleon on stage
Napoleon feasts with Aka Pella and Loud Kiddington
Father Time, Napoleon, and a horse
Nostradamus looks into his bowl of prophecy
Nostradamus holds up a glowing crystal ball

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