Episode #46 - 20th Century Presidents

Sketch List:
Theme - A Show Is A Show
Big Fat Road Baby Jingle
The Man from the U.N. - John F. Kennedy
Pepper Mills Jingle
Pepper's Pep Rally: Silent Cal

[commercial break]

Wrap: Bowling Alley Baby
The Final Daze (Watergate Scandal)
Squeeze Me Nixon

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Wrap: Cannonball
Pepper's Pep Rally: On the Beach (1944)
Ike's No Hair Club for Men
Images from the episode

Pepper gets ready to interview him
Hitting the dirt
Pepper shows some leg
Pepper jumps onto Eisenhower
Eisenhower pushes Pepper away
"Silent Cal" Coolidge is sworn in
Pepper gets to interview him too
She thinks she's met Coolio at first
Those flapper skirts in the 20's were the coolest
But Coolidge hasn't said a word
Pepper's producer bet her she couldn't get more than two words out of him...
Ta-da! The Histeria cast
I might use this for a background someday
Toast, Pule, Lucky Bob, Froggo, and Loud at Normandy
Ike introduces his new shampoo for bald soldiers
Lucky Bob before the army
Lucky Bob after the army
Teddy Roosevelt, America's cuddliest president, inspired the Teddy Bear
But our Histeria kids aren't going to get off so easy...
It's Squeeze-Me Nixon!
Cho, Charity, and Pule play with Nixon
Molly puts Charity to bed with Squeeze-Me Nixon
Charity thinks he's adorable
The kid chorus at the U.N. building
A young Bill Clinton is there to admire JFK
Kennedy talks to a group of international leaders
But his translator is too busy with Big Fat Baby
The result: JFK just told Kruschev that he smells terrible
BFB takes part in the Watergate burglary
The cops catch the burglars
The cover-up went all the way to the top: Tricky Dick Nixon
We join Nixon days before his resignation, where he's losing his mind talking to paintings
Nixon thinks he's got himself proof of no wrongdoing on his tape recorder
Around this time, Miss Info and the kids wander through the White House
1974 Loud Kiddington
The Blue Room, where the president goes when he's feelin' all sad
Nixon wonders what the heck they're doing in the Oval Office
Cho-Cho and Nixon
Cho begs Nixon to let her use his tape machine for karaoke
Charity, Toast, and Froggo shout "heck no, we won't go!"
Brezhnev on the hotline
More harrassment goin' on
Aka's cute with afro and hair pick
BFB's not with his stream of gas
Peace, Lucky Bob dude
After resignation, Miss Info and the kids find Nixon on the beach
They'll just have to find someone new to annoy

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