Episode #43 - Communuts!

Sketch List:
Theme - Spy-Steria
Communuts (1847) (song)

[commercial break]

Pepper Mills Jingle
Pepper's Pep Rally: Lenin (1917)
Will Rogers Wrap (Stalin)
Stalin and His Agent

[commercial break]

Churchill Wrap: Enigma
Re-enactment of The Cold War
One on One with Lucky Bob: Joe McCarthy
The Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989)
Please Watch Our Show (song)

Images from the episode:

Aka and Charity in communist garb
The baboons 'protest it'
The Berlin Wall (1961-1989)
Loud and BFB shake hands
Miss Info helps us understand weapons races...
Friedrich Engels, Marx's associate and benefactor
Engels on a moon
Froggo and Loud in communist garb
BFB ice fishes
Miss Info with Joe McCarthy's alleged 'files'
Cho-Cho gets impatient with Lucky Bob's stupidity
Joe ends up accusing Lucky Bob of being red
Though somehow, I think alternative economic theories in general might be beyond the poor boy
Joe believes this whole interview to be a setup to embarass him
Lucky Bob just bought himself a file
But Joe lost the audience a long time ago...
Karl Marx, as played by Groucho Marx
Karl Marx grabs Engels by the head
Marx explains that all of history is a story of class struggles
The Kid Chorus and Marx
Big Fat Bourgeois Baby
Marx in front of the hammer and sickle
Marx and the Chorus
Pepper Mills, from her jingle
Pepper again
Pepper again
Pepper hosts "Pepper's Pep Rally" in Russia, 1917
Lenin has granted Pepper an interview
The Kid Chorus makes up Pep's studio audience
But Pepper's a bit confused...
Lenin explains who he is by pulling out his own thrilling work
...which was not on Abbey Road
Stalin visits his agent
Stalin explains to Chit that he needs work, but nobody's into despotism
Stalin pleads...
1930's Russia
Stalin shows Martha Stewart how to make an iron curtain
So Chit Chatterson finds Stalin a job on an exercise show...
But Charity's not happy about his five year plan to purge pounds
The U.S.A. with Father Time
The U.S.S.R. with Father Time

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