Episode #42 - The Teddy Roosevelt Show

Sketch List:
Backstage Teddy
Theme - Histeria! March

[commercial break]

Panama Teddy at the Canal of Doom 
Trust Buster! (song)

[commercial break]

Mr. Rushmouths #2: Hide and Seek 
Loud Kiddington Jingle
What a Rush

Images from the episode:

Loud Kiddington walks backstage for a last-minute writers' meeting
Miss Info thinks he's quite the little firecracker
Today's host is Teddy...Rockefeller?
Who loves ya? Sammy does...
Sammy Melman explains the proposed "Vomitorium II" sketch
Lydia refuses to let it air
But with a quick push of a button...
Lydia slides down a trap door
Melman loves the little stinkbag
Father Time gets a look at the new George Washington action figure
Melman gets Loud to pitch a sketch...
Get this...Roosevelt charges up San Juan Hill, and FETCH KEEPS BRINGING HIM A TENNIS BALL!
No one seems to think much of the idea
Loud Kid close-up
Guy In Headhunter Mask suggests they put Roosevelt in a diaper with poopy sound effects
All the while the real writers are locked in a closet...
Ready to hit Melman in the head with a ballpeen hammer
Roosevelt has the constitution of a bull moose
Panama Teddy, BFB, and the Canal of Doom
Snake and Baby
The Kid Chorus in a plane
Teddy bends the law
The French had tried some years before
Toast enlists Panama Teddy's help with the disease problems
Yellow Fever and Malaria cripple the digging
Toast and Teddy try to figure out the cause of the disease
Drain the swamps? Easier said than done
Poison Ivy...got ointment?
Charity needs some help, too
The gators think BFB needs a change
Teddy and Charity
Take a look...
What map are you using?
The mapmaker, Lucky Bob
Charity finally gets it...dig in a straight line
Teddy saves the day
BFB as Wile E. Coyote
Kids and photographers and Teddy
Father Time buys a newspaper
Run that by me again in English
FT at the NYSE
The Trustbuster song
Some robber barons reach for WOW's purse
J.P Morgan and Charity
Roosevelt takes down a corporate pig
Carrying Teddy
The Rushmorians play 'hide-and-seek'
A mysterious man gets an assignment
And that man is...
His son Loud Kiddington helps out
Sculpting George Washington
Getting hit by all the big rocks
Loud's avalanches
Not now
Loud Kiddington

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