Episode #41 - World War II

Sketch List:
FDR - Rendezvous
Theme - It's Time For Histeria!
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 Re-Enactment
FDR - Nothing to Fear
New Deal for You (song)

[commercial break]

Churchill - Fight
The Freedom League, part 1

[commercial break]

The Freedom League, part 2
Churchill Offer
The Yalta Smorgasbord (1945)

Aka with FDR on the campaign trail
Father Time lights a cannon while the kids cover their ears
The H! Cast, from the "It's Time For Histeria" intro
Churchill holds BFB
The Stock Market Crash, with M. Info and Chit
Loud recreates the so called crash
Froggo and Super-Prez from the Freedom League
Some fascists try to kill Charity and Lucky Bob
Super-Prez smashes a Mescherschmidt and a Zero
Some fascists try to kill Aka and Pepper
The Freedom League intro
The Freedom League poses
Stalin (dressed like Blanca from Street Fighter II) plays Super Iron Joe
Charity and Froggo play professors
Hitler is played by Satan
Churchill's mighty umbrella and Truman's mallet, "Buck"
Oh no! The fascists have caught the Freedom League!
Will this be the end for our super heroes?
Wait! It's the super first lady Eleanor!
She rescues them and they defeat Hitler and his cronies
Miss Info and Loud flee approaching National Socialists
The New Deal Song...FDR is elected
The destitute chorus at the mission
Begging for change
...and now, organizing for change
The New Deal encouraged artistic endeavours
...and cultural improvement
The New Deal also ran electricity to the south
Then came the Pearl Harbor raid...
Watchin' Histeria
Histeria...a comedy that whales!
Military Pepper finds Yalta on a map
At the Yalta conference, Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt eat
Churchill eats a quarter of a pickle (Germany)
Stalin attacks the fish (Japan) with his armies (cherries)
So FDR agrees that if Stalin helps fight the fish, he can have half the pizza (Eastern Europe)
Loud Kiddington: BAD IDEA!!

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