Episode #40 - Music

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
Anthem Auditions

[commercial break]

Big Fat Twin Babies Jingle
Music To Whose Ears: Mozart

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Duets: Composers

Images from the episode:

Big Fat Baby Boy and Girl
Party pooper
Father Time holds two burping babies
Cho-Cho smiles pretty
Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob
Nostradamus hosts "Duets", a dating show
Miss Information is today's contestant
The prize: a trip to Euro-Dizzyland
Tchaikovsky, Miss Info's first suitor
She instantly loves him
Nostradamus urges her to not make up her mind yet
Miss Info loves them all
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Paul McCartney
But she doesn't care for Zamfir, master of the pan flute...
But Miss Info finally picks Nostradamus (awww...)
Loud Kiddington plays W.A. Mozart...and Loud's feet play piano
Mozart is set to play for an Austrian empress...
...and her two young handmaidens, both anxious to meet him
The Empress grows impatient
But the young musician's in the little composer's room
...Pepper is kind of overanxious
Charity makes note of the musician's supposed young age
...but they weren't expecting him to be this young
The empress begs "Mozart" to favor them with a tune
So BFB obliges by banging the keys randomly
...and it goes on for a loooong time
...while all this time Mozart is in the outhouse
Meanwhile, the ladies have convinced themselves that the baby's music must be above them
And they clap politely for this 'emperor's new music'
While "Mozart" goes over and starts eating everything in sight
The US Anthem Auditions
The panel of judges includes Washington, Lincoln, and some Histerians
Our first applicant: Beethoven
Who proposes that the fifth symphony's distinctive melody be used...
The USA...the USA...(etc.)
Gilbert and Sullivan propose a rewrite from Pinafore
Robert Palmer submits a rewrite of "Addicted to Love"
Toast likes the 'babeage'
...but aside from that, they hate his song
Andrew Lloyd Weber applies (and is rejected)
Cho-Cho asks Lucky Bob why he's wearing only half a mask...
A picturesque Histeria shot...note Froggo puking, Aka with a camera, and Charity bored out of her mind
A folky lil patriotic number
I think that's a "no"
A different version of the above pic
Elvis applies
Toast likes his "chunkage"
...but Cho and Pepper find him revolting
Neil Diamond does what he does...is he still alive I love this picture...very funny
Neil and some Info babes
James Brown finishes his number
Mick Jagger, effeminate billionare elf
Francis Scott Key, the last applicant, tells how he got the idea for the song
The panel is stirred by his song...
...into playin' some ball

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