Episode #39 - The Dawn of Time

Sketch List:
The Dawn of Time Opening
Theme - Histeria! March
The Big Bang
Miss Information and Company: Where'd Them Dinos Git To

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The Ones That Got Away

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World's Oldest Woman Theme Song
World's Oldest Woman at the Dawn of Time (WOW & Straitman)
When Was Creation?/Dawn of Time Closing

Images from the episode:

It's the Dawn of Time on Histeria!
Charity's in deep tiger poo
Pepper at a stone-age high school
Loud rides a dinosaur like so much Yoshi
Miss Info dresses in her old-school Trek outfit
Father Time runs through the Big Bang theory
Reenacted by Loud Kiddington, who else
Loud doesn't know when to shut it...
Miss Information interviews the dinosaurs
They tell her of when the object fell from the then-darkened sky
The dinos have a quick bite as the show ends
Let's run through man's many food-acquiring firsts...Toast, the 1st fisherman
Which also led to the first fish story
None of the kids believe a word of it
The development of fishing nets with Toast
A whale tells the Kid Chorus (as whales) about the boat that got away
They're never gonna believe this story, says Toast
Froggo and the first bow and arrow
Froggo and the first confiscation
The dog is domesticated
Pepper milks the first domesticated goat
Goat milk, an acquired taste
Agriculture in 8000 B.C.
The domestication of the cow
Not an easy matter, as early cattle were the ferocious auroch
Don't tell taz he's considered a food source
Charity, Froggo, and Loud attempt to domesticate buzzards
But are turned away in shame...what grouches!
Man's worst idea...domesticating the lion!?
The lion Kid Chorus doesn't believe the story about the baby that got away
From left: Charity, Froggo, BFB, and Aka as lions
They'll believe this story, they're gullible
World's Oldest Woman and Bill Straitman
If you like older women, she's the grand prize!
Telling of Adam and Eve
Big Fat Baby is struck by lightning
St. Paul sings
To settle the "when was creation?" issue, they battle it out
World's Oldest chases Bill Straitman across the beach
Charity at the beach
Aka at the beach
The Histeria! cast says 'so long'

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