Episode #38 - Better Living Through Science

Sketch List:
Theme - It's Called Histeria!
Babbage Made the Difference
What Goes Up (Issac Newton)

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The Road to Invention (song)
A Little Death Ray of Sunshine (Nikola Tesla)

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Great Moments in Medicine: The First Ambulance (1792)
Nightingale (1853)
Great Moments in Medicine: Before Antiseptic and After (1865)
Helium and Pavlov's Dog (1897)
Breaking the Sound Barrier: Chuck Yeager (1947)

Images from the episode:

Babbage Made the Difference--the back-up Kid Chorus
Ancient kids look confusedly at a computer
Because their computer was the abacus
And then along comes Babbage centuries later
Charity and Froggo do their homework together
Babbage and his Difference Engine
Lucky Bob tries to eat a vacuum tube
Today's computers wouldn't come til later...
Apples and Windows taste good to Lucky Bob
But at least we didn't have to count on our fingers and toes
Big Fat Baby Fighter
Givin' the abacus the boot
Isaac Newton wonders why apples fall
It's the same thing that makes Big Fat Babies fall
Cho-Cho stares down from the apple tree
An apple from Cho-Cho that doesn't fall far from the tree
Froggo drops another apple
Newton knows how to hold a baby
Aka on a tree branch
Newton climbs the tree and goes after those pesky kids
That's when he makes his big gravity discovery
Cho-Cho realizes the gravity of the discovery...
Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison's AC/DC argument
The two men shock the hell out of each other
Until Tesla wins and sells it to Westinghouse for millions short of what it was worth
It was around that time that Tesla starts to lose his mind
Like most insane geniuses, he becomes obsessed with handwashing
And he also develops a fear of round objects...
"I'm going out of my mind..."
In case you didn't know, Tesla is played by Christopher Walken
It's at this time in his life he concocts the "Death Ray" idea
The generals all laugh at him and don't fund it...and the years do not treat him kindly
The kids' baseball is held hostage by Tesla
Pepper meets someone who is not Ally McBeal
Loud pushes a button on a panel and brings the beta Death Ray to life
Charity doesn't want to be hit with a death ray, she has sensitive skin
But all is well, Tesla ends up blowing himself into a crater
But the dream of owning a death ray lives on...
...and so do angry old men
Father Time and the development of the ambulance
Followed by Loud, the first ambulance siren
Pavlov and Fetch
William Ramsey, Miss Info, and helium
Ford and Edison, innovative "buddies"
World's Oldest Woman works on Yeager's plane with Big Fat Baby
BOOM! Breaking the Sound Barrier with Loud Kiddington
Florence Nightengale
Pule isn't happy
She asks maintenance man Loud Kiddington to sterilize everything
To make it simpler...make everything "not dirty"
Florence cares for the wounded Toast
Aka Pella knows that OR sweat is the worst kind of sweat
Miss Info in a nurse's outfit
Hello, nurse!

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