Episode #37 - Super Amazing Constitutions

Sketch List:
Intro - The Ol' Fishing Hole
Don't Fire 'til You See the Whites of Their Eyes (1775)
Super Amazing Constitutions (1787) (part 1)

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Super Amazing Constitutions (1787) (part 2)

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Old Hickory Dickory Dock (Andrew Jackson)

Big Fat Baby and Father Time fight rock-hurling fishies
This is only the first time in this ep fish get blown out of the water...
The bloody battle of Bunker Hill
General Putnam and his quote: "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."
Loud asks what to do if they can't see the whites of their eyes
Charity suggests that they might have pink eye
Charity has big eyes, I wanted to mention
She wonders if the Brits might have the sun in their eyes during the attack
Toast and Loud ask about sunglasses
Putnam stresses that the idea is not to fire until they're very close
All this confusion just lets 'em sneak up on you...
Super Amazing Constitutions with your host Pepper Mills
And co-host George Washington
And other co-host James Madison
The kids as the Continental Congress drafts a document
Ben Franklin
Madison takes Pep and Toast to visit Alexander Hamilton
Ready for a little Constitutional primer?
He uses a pie to show the governmental balance of power
Really peppy 3-D Pepper
Some Histerians wait in a line
Charity for the 13th Amendment
Cho-Cho for the 19th
Back in the early 19th Century, Napoleon was making a ruckus
And the English were stopping American trading vessels
The Brits attack World's Oldest Woman's boat
Roughing up the crew
Pule isn't happy
Do me a favor and toss me overboard
King George III refuses to stop attacking U.S. ships
Old Hickory Andrew Jackson
Jackson and pirate Jean Lafitte
Telling him British secrets
Hold your fire, there's some kids between the trenches
The kids are going fishing
Froggo needs a bucket of worms and a keg of gunpowder
Aka asks Andrew if he's part of the Jackson family
Word comes in from Washington, the war's been over for two weeks
Cho-Cho asks Jackson if he'll bait Lucky Bob's hook for him
Well, to make a long story short, the river gets detonated, water flows everywhere
Fish a plenty
And Jackson winds up on the twenty dollar bill

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