Episode #36 - When America Was Young

Sketch List:
Theme - Angelic Histeria
Loud Kiddington Jingle
Don't Give Up The Ship - Captain James Lawrence (1813)

[commercial break]

Traitoring Places - Benedict Arnold (1775)
Booney Tunes - Daniel Boone (1775)

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Which One is Witch (1699)

Images from the episode:

Aka Pella admires her newly promoted self
Benedict Arnold, turncoat
Arnold before becoming a traitor
Arnold scoffs at Washington's reward...a newly printed dollar
Arnold begins to plot America's demise
Arnold is found out and chased off to England
In Britain, Arnold is considered a great patriot
Arnold shows off his "turncoat"
Big Fat Baby Girl
Daniel Boone treks across the new country
But the kids don't want him hurting the animals living there
This is the home to a variety of animals, says Charity
Except in winter, when they timeshare in Boca Raton, says Cho
Boone's just about lost his patience for this
Until rangers Loud and Susanna Susquahanna show up
Young Cho-Cho
Lucky Bob fights off a sneeze
Boone's about to put an axe through Charity's persistence
But he decides to offer her a cookie if she'll leave...and it works
Nasty Head Wound rocks!
Aka pulls the old "change BFB" gag
Oh Daniel Boone, the dipes, the dipes are leaking...
Boone lets Crockett deal with this crap
Aw, shoot
Don't fence me in!
Capt. James Lawrence tries to get Loud not to give up the ship
This includes the mizzenmast
...and a variety of other things, so he makes a list
Loud's list
Lawrence was mortally wounded in the battle
Davy Crockett in a ballet costume (don't ask)
Ethan Allen redecorates the fort
Washington gives Froggo a promotion
Benedict Arnold tries to get John Andre (Toast) to take U.S. battle plans
But he begins to wonder if he picked the right guy for the job
Don't worry, Toast is a master of disguise...
Toast is caught by U.S. forces
The Kid Chorus as U.S. Revolutionary War soldiers up for promotion
Father Time eyes a butterfly-chasing Big Fat Baby
Molly Pitcher asks for Charity's math homework...Big mistake!
Oh yeah? Well, you're a witch.
Molly is dragged off by the local police to await trial
Molly is cheered on by some peculiar-looking ladies in the back row
Miss Bazaar enters the courtroom
Loud Kiddington gets to preside over this one
Loud is one tough judge
Attorney Samuel Melman argues Molly's case, onlookers are questioned
Loud strikes a deal with Molly...let her pick her own method of execution
The World's Oldest Woman demonstrates method #1: the water test
...and method #2: burning at the stake
...or pick what's behind door number three
It turns out to be the crushing
But before Molly can be crushed, Bazaar admits she made the whole thing up
So Aka suggests their bloodlust be satiated by crushing Melman instead
But Molly has the last laugh...at least Froggo's happy

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