Episode #34 - Presidential People

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
You'll Be The Leader of The United States (song)
Loud Kiddington Jingle
Broccoli (George Bush)

[commercial break]

Bully, Bully (song)
The Twelve Dollar Bill (Woodrow Wilson)
President For One Day (Atchison) (song)
Theme from 'Taft' (1909)

[commercial break]

Toast Jingle
Ask Me If I Care: Lyndon B. Johnson
Raggedy Lyndon Johnson

Pictures from the episode:

Atchison, the little-known 11 1/2th president
The religious Zach Taylor
The Kid Chorus and Big Fat Baby
The Kid Chorus singing, again
Father Time explains George Bush's unsuccessful war in the Persian Gulf
Loud Kiddington unveils a plate of broccoli to President Bush.
George Bush's broccoli quote
Bush with Bar
Loud holds up a stalk of broccoli
Bush kicks Loud out of his dining room
Loud tries to get Bush to eat broccoli, if only as a side dish
Loud won't leave Bush alone
Loud follows him around Washington
Loud finally convinces him to take a bite...
...with predictable results
The Kid Chorus poses
The "Ask Me If I Care" logo
Toast on the beach as Miss Info's group walks by
Toast interviews LBJ on "Ask Me If I Care"
Loud Kiddington at the podium
Lyndon Baines Johnson lifts up his beagle by the ears
Toast offends LBJ
LBJ's Great Society
Toast grabs LBJ by the jowels
LBJ discovers something Toast cares about: scars
Toast mocks President Johnson's scar by showing his own
So LBJ whips out his trump card, his hernia scar
Toast's guest chair is empty
Lydia Karaoke is quick with the clipboard
Golf and naptime-loving William Howard Taft
BFB brings Father Time a "list" of William Howard Taft's accomplishments
Toast checks the script...no, he really didn't have any
Taft tries to distract Mr. Smartypants and steal his steak
The Kid Chorus, dressed in era clothing, sing
Taft: the first president to use cars intead of horses
Taft: the first president to throw out the first pitch (Toast & Froggo)
Charity: "that's worth something, right?"
Teddy Roosevelt charges up San Juan Hill
Loud jams on guitar
The Kid Chorus dance with Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy and the Chorus...
Washington's on the $1
Lincoln's on the $5
Hamilton's on the $10
Franklin's on the $100
And Wilson gets the crummy $100,000 bill
Woodrow Wilson's revenge--the twelve dollar bill
Pepper Mills gets her hands on Wilson's $12 bill
Kathie Lee loves using it to pay her child laborers for a 12 hour day
Raggedy Lyndon Johnson
Charity and Pule Houser play
Loud joins in as Abbie Hoffman
Charity's agents lock up Loud's Hoffman
The end of the commercial
A room full of presidents
Histeria's Village People parody...Froggo and Charity
...and Aka and Loud
The presidents dressed as Village People
Charity and Aka pop out of Nostradamus' bowl
The Kid Chorus do some booty shakin'
George Washington on the golf course
The political animals battle
Billy Boy Clinton
The Kid Chorus march

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