Episode #33 - The History of Flight

Sketch List:
History of Flight: Opening
The Wright Stuff (1903)

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First in Flight

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The No Parking Zone
History of Flight: Closing

Images from the episode:

Loud Kiddington jumps from an airplane
Cho-Cho jumps from an airplane, dragging Lucky Bob along
Father Time and Big Fat Baby in the plane's cockpit
Whoops, out of fuel
Froggo opens his complimentary bag of peanuts
Various kids stare out the plane windows
Pepper atop the Spirit of St. Louis
"Lucky Lindy" in the cockpit with a scared Loud
The history of flight, today on Histeria
Introducing the Wright Brothers
Building the first airplane
Folks thought they were insane
Toast gets a potato
The Kid Chorus show up at the door
...and sing
Ready for duty, commander Toast
Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob pass the Wright Bros.
Give us a hammer salute, kids
Cho-Cho drags Lucky Bob around some more
Froggo pleads with the Wrights for some strange item
Pepper finds the Wrights
Charity pulls the old 'change BFB' joke
Charity in early 1900's dress
Wrights are left holding the baby
Charity, Cho-Cho, and Loud
Charity hides behind her big-brother figure, Toast
Froggo introduces his latest invention
The Wrights drive Froggo's invention through a barn and into the sky
The kids hitch a ride on the Wrights' plane
The Wrights get musical
Renaissance Kid Chorus
First in engine powered flight: da Vinci?
No, not exactly...it's the never-built "Ornithopter"
da Vinci did invent a working parachute, though
Let's have fewer "oui-oui" jokes
Henri Giffard's balloon
George Cayley (Toast)'s glider
Glider surfing!
Charles Lindbergh figures out directions
The Wright Bros. are sent forward in time...
...via the "No Parking Zone"...
Air Histeria: Why not take a chance?
Pepper displays a Canadian flag
The red courtesy phone
Toast as a Hare Krishna
Loud, Charity, and Froggo dressed as airport security
Froggo demands metallic objects be placed in a dish
Airplane seat won't behave
Hot coffee burns through seat cushion

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