Episode #31 - More China

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
Lao Tzu filler
Building The Great Wall (214 B.C.)

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The Invention of Gunpowder (9th Century A.D.)
Big Fat Baby Theatre: The Cultural Revolution of China

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The Adventures of Yin and Yang
The Invention of Paper (105 A.D.)

Images from the episode:

Big Fat Baby plays Chairman Mao
BFBabies play the young Red Guard members
Mao's excellent quote
The Red Guard harasses artists and intellectuals
And they rampage all over China
Mao loses his patience and sends them to the countryside to labor
And when they returned they were no longer as youthful
Mao's wife and her 'gang of four' take control
The Mao sign falls on Father Time
Father Time and BFB watch the fireworks, a Chinese invention
Father Time invents paper, another product of China
Followed by the invention of the paperweight
Emperor Huang Di and the Great Wall
The barbarian rampages made Huang 'not happy'
He just can't stand their atrocious manners
Cho-Cho forces her way to the front with the Wall's blueprints
So does Aka, albeit a bit less politely
Cho-Cho shows off her 'blue print dress'
That's not exactly what he meant
Huang finally gets what he was asking for
...but he didn't ask for these slacker kids
Just then he gets a visit from Miss Mills
Who repeats the Chinese she learned in the last China episode
Huang harasses the kids, who just came to this summer camp for horsey rides and lanyards
Huang asks Aka what a lanyard is...
Charity shows him...it's this lame thing your mom uses as a keychain when you get home
Loud calls Huang over, having finished his Great...Mall!?!
Shopping at the great mall
Huang reorganizes the troops
Froggo and BFB try to sell Huang some wallpaper
Loud finishes the wall...except he was looking at the blueprints vertically
So Huang knocks it over by banging his head against it
Miss Info leads a tour group by the completed wall
But the wall couldn't keep the kids from bugging Huang
Chinese philosophy 101: Yin, passive, like the lamb
Yang, active, like the panther
But they exist in harmony to maintain universal balance
Histeria's version of Yin and Yang: Batman-like superheroes
The pair of twin siblings must fight rampaging Freud and his cronies
Yin thinks the problem would better be solved through inaction
While downtown, Superego destroys an ice cream store
Ego and Id are there too
Yin reasons with the evildoer
...by doing tai chi
While Yang does his usual fightin' the bad guy
Yin's methods work...Superego is at peace with herself
And Freud is locked away in the local looneybin

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