Episode #28 - The Thomas Jefferson Program

Sketch List:
Theme - Angelic Histeria ('Simpsons' parody)
Thomas Jefferson Introduction
The Tom Jefferson Program (1776)

[commercial break]

Handwriting with John Hancock
Making the Flag - Betsy Ross (1776)

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Loud Kiddington Jingle
Presidental Funniest Home Movies

Pictures from the episode:

The Histeria logo rendered Simpsons-style
Loud Kiddington chalks 'I do not need a megaphone'
Loud rides a horse down the street
The H! cast jump on the couch a la the Simpsons
Dangerous Puritan criminal Charity Bazaar
Big Fat Baby makes a poopie
Froggo and a lion
Toast in a Renaissance-era outfit
Toast at the drums
The Tom Jefferson Program
Cho-Cho and Charity's rebel armies accidentally attack each other
So they ask Washington for a flag distinguishable from the English flag
Big Fat Baby has lots of colorful foods...
...which get on Betsy Ross' dress...
...and become the new flag...
Betsy Ross (WOW) shows off the rejected Gadsden flag
Handwriting with 'overbearing jerk' John Hancock
Loud Kiddington and Big Fat Baby
Loud and Miss Info host "Presidential Funniest Home Movies"
Ford and Nixon on 'pfhm'
Pres. Truman on 'pfhm'
John Dunlap, TJ's publisher of choice
The Kid Chorus annoy Thomas Jefferson
...and sing him a song
The Renaissance man inquires about TJ's identity
Jefferson asks Franklin for advice writing the Declaration
Franklin gives him advice as cockamamey as his kite
Jefferson and his (hideous) violin playing
Thomas Jefferson
Miss Info leads a tour group into Jefferson's home

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