Episode #27 - The Russian Revolution

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Sketch List:

Theme - The Histeria! March
Russian Revolution Introduction
Peace, Land and Bread (song)

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Sergei Eisenstein and Soviet Cinema

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My Buddy Stalin

Images from the episode:

World's Oldest ain't "rushin'" nowhere until she passes this kidney stone
Pepper in a snowsuit
Shot of the entire cast
Charity gets carried away by the Russian Revolution
Cho-Cho bugs Eisenstein
Kid Chorus dancing for Peace, Land and Bread
The Kid Chorus starts singing
More Kid Chorus shots
V.I. Lenin
A little louder now!
Waiting in line an hour for a potato
Lenin and Trotsky start a plotsky
It's hard to make a sandwich using rocks instead...
...peace, land and bread!
Lenin and Trotsky give thumbs up
A parade of Histeria communists
More parading communists
Lenin rocks, so says Pepper Mills
Lenin harasses the Tsar
Listen to the peoples now!
Lenin leads the people
Stalin surveys the land
Joining hands for peace
Leon wonders exactly what Stalin's up to
Miss Info and Co. walk through Potemkin
The Odessa steps, the movie's famous end scene
Sergei Eisenstein tosses the script to the ground
Eisenstein shouts through a bullhorn
Kids and guns...they go together?
Eisenstein loses his temper
Loud is having problems with his motivation
Big Fat Baby arrives for his role
Cho and Bob try to cheat Serg out of a buck
And Eisenstein loses his patience with her
Cho-Cho's so cute when she doesn't get her way
Can I submit this picture to KWB for a Eisenstein C-Toon card?
Aren't you a little short to be a Cossack?
Tromp, tromp, tromp
Pow, pow, pow
Big Fat bumpy-ride Baby
Running down the Odessa steps, BFB comes after
Cho-Cho wants her money...now
BFB knocks Sergei over
Cho-Cho offers him a boat ride...for a few rubles
He ain't having it
Cut. Print. That is wrap...(glub, glub)
What have you done with my movie?
It's called montage, and it's the next big thing
Two enthusiastic thumbs up our noses
Father Time and Big Fat Baby
Big Fat Baby shows us what he thinks of Stalin
Our fake sitcom "My Buddy Stalin" starts here...
With Froggo's dad gone, he has no one to go camping with
So Mom Molly Pitcher brings Froggo a new big buddy
Don't bother the Soviet strongarm while he's eating, Froggo!
Stalin doesn't have camping skills, but he sends lots of people on camping trips
Molly finds her noodles have been bugged
Stalin's KGB guard apologize, "Is old communist recipe!"
Toast and Loud pick on Froggo
Havin' a psychotic for a big buddy ain't so bad now
The windup...
...and the pitch
Stalin's teaching Froggo a new ideology
The KGB arrests WOW
She'll give your revisionist history report and "A"!!
She will learn...well, actually, it's too late for that
You do not like my little story?
Then off to the gulags with you
Stalin explains how millions were displaced, Charity cowers
Why didn't anyone do anything about him, dad?
Uh, shut up if you know what's best, Charity darlin'...
Next time, I take the 60 pound one!
I told you you'd take a liking to murder! Give us a hug!
When was last time baby has new diaperski?
Lucky Bob
Lenin rallies the people
Ever wonder what the credits look like without screen-scrunch?

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