Episode #25 - Return to Rome

Sketch List:
Theme: Histeria! March
My City Rome (song)
The Building of Rome (753 B.C.)
Big Empires: Architecture of Rome

[commercial break]

Nostradamus filler
Big Fat Road Baby
The Roman Calendar (673 B.C.)

[commercial break]

Stabbed Me In the Back (song)
Pyschic Soothsayer Hotline
Rome Closing

Images from the episode:

BFB blows a raspberry
The Senator Cassius
Pepper jumps in the air
Nostradamus points that-a-way
Loud Kiddington stars in Gladiator
Froggo as a Roman soldier
Froggo and BFB in a chariot
Part of Caesar's entorage of ladies
More of Caesar's ladies
Charity chained to the wall of a Roman dungeon
My City Rome by Julius Caesar
Sinatra sings it
Watch out behind ya
Caesar hits the high note
Sarah hosts Big Empires
The Circus Maximus
Ghidra attacks Rome
Romulus (Sean Connery) interviews contractors to build Rome
Romulus himself
One of them (Sling Blade guy) says he can build Rome in a week...
But Chit Chatterson does him one better and gets the 800 million to build Rome in one day
But actually, he's taken that money to an island paradise
Charity shows us the old 10-month Roman calendar
Caesar talks calendars...with some groovy chicks
Charity again
Caesar introduces King Numa (Father Time)
Miss Info's #1 T-shirt
Chit and his Idea Chart
Pule has to go to the bathroom, Toast looks on
WOW proposes a new month
Father Time instead picks BFB's suggestions for month names
Caesar and his babes again
Nostradamus runs the Psychic Soothsayer Hotline
Nostradamus gets too close to Father Time (the soothsayer)
Colorful Nostradamus
Horse is one of the phone psychics
The kids dance
Marc Antony, Caesar's close friend
Sammy Davis, Jr. as Cassius
Serving Caesar fruit nectar..."It's orange, Julius"
Telling him "absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Caesar gets jumped..."Was it something I said?"
Anthony joins in on the song
Caesar and a stabbed statue
The kids are singing senators
Caesar dances on raised spears, unwillingly
Somebody call IX-I-I!!!

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