Episode #24 - General Sherman's Campsite

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
General Sherman's Campsite Opening (1864)

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General Sherman's Capsite Bumper #1
I've Been Working on the The Underground Railroad (1850's)

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Pepper Mills Jingle
Pepper's Autograph Book
Eyewitness to History: Lincoln's Beard
General Sherman's Campsite Bumper #2
Altanta Burnin' Bright (song)
General Sherman's Campsite Closing

Images from the episode:

General Sherman's Zany Campsite
General "Pee Wee" Sherman
Genie Abe Lincoln
Sherman's loyal kid soldiers
Southern Babe Miss Information
Stooley Bob
Big Fat Baby Map
Froggo is Cannonbally
Corporal Kiddington has today's battle cry
It's "Total War"!
Pepper loves Total War, she has all their CDs
Toasty the Buzzard doesn't wanna march to the beach today, his sunburn's bad
Lydia interrupts Sherman, who says "war is hell"
Pepper hugs an Abe Lincoln doll, very kawaii
Cho-Cho lights a cannon with Lucky Bob
The Commander of Cartoons is on the way, says Toasty
Miss Info begs Sherman to stop this horrible destruction
WOW drums a rim shot
Sherman and the kids have burned their way to the sea
Sherman gives the kids a celebratory hug
Harriet Tubman, head conductor of the Underground Railroad
Tubman and some escaped slaves scale a mountain pass
A lone candle in Molly's window suggests safe harbor for escaped slaves
Some angry slave-owners hunt for Tubman
Miss Info leads the regular crew through her hideout, making quite a ruckus
Railman Loud Kiddington issues his all aboards
Froggo really wants to ride the "choo-choo"
Tubman is prepared to shut Pepper up by any means necessary
Toast needs a sleeping car, he's been awake for 13 days (don't ask)
Charity mentions that they're all crazy, and that she and Tubman are the only sane ones here
Charity then offers Tubman a ride to Mars on the mothership
Charity realizes that she's the only sane one here...
But as Harriet keeps telling them all, the Underground Railroad isn't a train
Cho-Cho tells her that Lucky Bob wants to ride in the caboose
Cho-Cho tells Tubman the legend of how LB's been kicked in the head by wild donkeys
Aka gets Tubman to change stank-butt BFBG
That's when a train comes by, and Tubman decides that maybe the U.R. does have trains
Froggo's in a bit of trouble--he can't run fast enough
Froggo finally gets to go on the choo-choo
Tubman gets quotatious
Pepper lets us in on her autograph book--here she is with someone who is not Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Here she is with some people who are not the cast of 60 Minutes
Pepper tries hard to play an eleven-year-old girl
It's Grace Bedell, who wrote to Abe Lincoln suggesting he grow a beard
She said if he did, she'd get her brothers to vote for him...and he does it
And it was all because of a kid
Sherman sings his way through crispy downtown Atlanta
Atlanta, Atlanta, all through the night...
Godzilla Sherman

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