Episode #21 - When Time Collides

Sketch List:
When Time Collides Opening
United Nations - UNReal World (1945)

[commercial break]

When Time Collides bumper
The Academy of Greece Awards (387 B.C.)

[commerical break]

When Time Collides bumper
Great Women in History in Group Therapy (Cleopatra, Lizzie Borden)

Images from the episode

The S.S. Histeria with Captain Father Time Kirk
Toast spilled coffee on the ship's controls
The crew of the ship in a circle
So long
Joan of Arc moderates Great Women in Group Therapy
Cleopatra stuffs herself
Lizzie Borden sharpens her axe
Joan remembers when the voices contacted her
40 whacks
Going nuts
World's Oldest Woman
Joan peeves off Martha Washington
Lizzie cries
Plato hosts the Greek Academy Awards
Nietschze and his Superman
Jenny McCarthy and Aristotle
WOW, Cho-Cho, Loud, Susanna, Charity in an audience
Turner and Fonda
Jean-Paul Sartre
Sartre confuses the audience
Overly critical guy Immanuel Kant
Socrates wins Best Philosopher
Let's close with a song and dance number
Great shot of Miss Info and her tour group
Do not use the word puny in the presence of the emperor
The 7 roommates of the U.N.Real World--Julius Caesar
King Philip II of Spain
Marie Antoinette
Thomas Jefferson
Atilla the Hun
Mohandas Gandhi
Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth is not amused by Julie's fart jokes
King Philip hits on Marie
And then makes fun of Caesar's toga
TJ tries to break them up
Elizabeth and Gandhi fight over vegetarian pizza
Marie Antoinette thinks they're all pigs
Elizabeth and Marie paint their nails and talk
Jefferson and Gandhi are roommates
Marie says she'll never go out with any of them, unless they pay for dinner
Marie asks for Caesar dressing, and gets Caesar himself
Atilla dumps 1000 Island dressing on Gandhi and starts a food fight

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