Episode #19 - The Attack of the Terrible Tudors

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
The Attack of the Terrible Tudors
The Tudors (1485-1603)
The Tale of The Tudors (song)

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Name Thy Cure (1555)

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Meanwhile in History (1485-1603)

Images from the episode:

Anne of Cleves, Henry's fourth wife
Catherine Aragon, Henry's first wife
Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife
The Histeria cast in period clothing
Charity sits at the gates of a castle
Divorced, beheaded, died! Divorced, beheaded, survived!
Edward, Henry VIII's short-lived son (played by Lucky Bob)
Queen Elizabeth attacks a bridge
Elizabeth of York, Henry VII's wife
Henry VII and the Kid Chorus
Henry VIII eats whole chickens
Jane Seymour's dead, says Charity
Jane Grey, who ruled after Edward, and for even less time
The Kid Chorus play period instruments
Lucky Bob
Lydia's being hunted by the Terrible Tudors
Meanwhile in history, the French begin using the fork...but not LB
Meanwhile in history, Charity is not happy about an improved understanding of math
...nor is her teacher, for that matter
Meanwhile in history, the wealthy begin using hankerchiefs
MIH, da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa
MIH, Nostradamus is born
MIH, Pepper is in Ivan the Terrible's court
Ivan the Terrible (Froggo)
MIH, court jesters reach the height of their popularity
...but not to Mary
...who'd rather be golfing
Miss Information as the St. Pauli girl
Name Thy Cure, Melman's medieval gameshow
And here he is, Sammy Melman
Toast, one of today's contestants
Miss of Information, another
WOW's a fiesty one
Toast gets it in the butt from a donkey
For Pepper, it really wasn't much fun
The Kid Chorus sings of the War of the Roses
said war
The Pope refuses Henry's request for a divorce
The Kids check out Henry's executioner
Charity, Aka, and BFB
The Kids sing in front of a church
Henry pledges to to Catherine Parr no harm
Henry weighs a lot
In 1547 Henry VIII goes of to heaven
...or maybe for his dirty tricks to h-e-double hockey sticks
Joan and Pepper love the Church
so does Mary
Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1558
The Kids celebrate the end of the Tudor family tree in a rather dark ceremony
And they prepare to chop it down
Mary Tudor attacks the city
All the Tudors, all at once
Father Time is about to be stepped on by a monster Henry VIII
World's Oldest Woman in period clothing
The years of the Tudor reign

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