Episode #18 - Great Heroes of France

Sketch List:
Theme: It's Called Histeria!
Napolean Introduction/Thank History For Guys Like Me
Joan of Arc

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The Louisiana Purchase (1804)

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The Invasion Song

Froggo holds up an oversized loaf of French Bread
The kids introduce Napoleon
Napoleon on his throne
A guillotine hacks off half a watermelon and Nap watches
Napoleon whips out his tamborine
Loud bows
Joan of Arc, soon-to-be famous peasant girl
Joan of Arc, military genius
Travolta plays St. Michael
St. Margaret
Joan shops at Le Gap
Pule Houser wants to be king
Ralph of Cornwallis
Father Time plays Jailor Old Barney
Joan is tried in English court
Joan and matches
Nostradamus is nuts
You can dress as a guy in heaven
Josephine files her nails
Napoleon confronts Josephine for shopping his empire to death
Napoleon decides to sell the Louisiana Territory for some quick cash
A bear grabs BFB very casually
Meriwether "Jerry" Lewis is packed for Clark's expedition
Some river folk want to make Lewis and Clark squeal like pigs
I'm gonna make you oink...
Sacajawea helps the boys survive the winter
Carrying a canoe to the next river
Turn left. "Left?" Right. "Right?" Wrong. "Right is wrong?" etc
President Jefferson pays Napoleon
Lewis is a bonus to the French
The Invasion Song is his favorite
The Kid Chorus
Watch your back
The many incursions of the Germans
Israel invades Egypt
Napoleon and the Kid Chorus are hit with cannons
Fetch jumps on Napoleon

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