Episode #17 - Loud Kiddington's Ancient History

a.k.a. "Our Ancient Civilization Blow-Out Sale!"

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Sketch List:

Theme - Histeria Nite Live
Loud Kiddington Jingle
The First Wheel (Sumeria, 3000 B.C.)
What's In A God's Name? (song)
An Olympic Minute (490 B.C.)

[commercial break]

A Message From Lydia Karaoke (Hannibal)
Hannibal Trails to You (218 B.C.)

[commercial break]

That's Why the Lady is a Queen (song)
Miss Information and Company: Cleopatra
Pompeii Acres (79 A.D.)
The Fall of the Roman Empire
Loud Kiddington Closing Jingle
Images from the episode:

Socrates and Julius Caesar
Father Time plays Zeus/Jupiter for the "What's In A Gods' Name?" song
Miss Info plays Venus/Aphrodite for the song
Lydia Karaoke plays Athena/Minerva for the song
...and Nostradamus plays Apollo
Miss Info leads a tour group into Hannibal's camp
Lucky Bob searches for nose goblins as Miss Info continues
The great general Hannibal...and Toast
Toast "advises" Hannibal on strategy
Hannibal goes to Loud Kiddington's Beasts of Burden sale
Hannibal finally crosses the Alps in 218 B.C.
Loud and the kids say 'bye-bye'
The Kids Chorus sing
Miss Info
Miss Info interviews Cleopatra (WOW)
Miss Info "walks like an Egyptian"
Toast completes the marathon
Loud Kiddington tries to sell dupes on Pompeii
Aka Pella advertises Pompeii's hot baths...
...but downplays that harmless volcano
The volcano erupts
Sumeria's finest wheel salesman, Loud Kiddington
Loud sells the wheel
Pepper tries out the wheel
Father Time, BFB, and the wheel
Julius Caesar (Sinatra) sings "That's Why the Lady Is A Queen"

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