Episode #16 - The Montezuma Show, a.k.a. "Mesoamerica"

Sketch List:
Mesoamerica Introduction
Montezuma's Revenge (song)
The Mayan Solar Calendar
This Old Scarifical Well

[commercial break]

The Order of the Eagle
Pok-to-Pok: Mesoamerican Futbol

[commercial break]

Miss Information Intro
Inca Shopping Network

Images from the episode:

Toast of the Aztec Order of the Eagle
The Aztec Eagle boys march in the rain
Heel-click shot
An Aztec prepares to sacrifice Big Fat Baby
Miss Info on her bullhorn in a "Bewitched" parody
Big Fat Baby barfs
Cho-Cho pushes Bob away
Aztec warriors
Cortez on a pile of pillaged gold
"I'm a horse...is your product right for me?"
The Kid Chorus
The Kid Chorus boogies down
The Kid Chorus...beaten to a pulp
Charity rolls a tortilla with Froggo and Toast
Miss Info with pom-poms
Today's game: Pok-to-Pok
Miss Info again
Montezuma #1
Montezuma offers his water to the crowd
Montezuma and the Kid Chorus
Montezuma and a sacrificial well
Montezuma and the Kid Chorus with BFB
Montezuma and Molly Pitcher
Montezuma #7
Montezuma in the announcer's booth
Montezuma #9
Father Time and an Olmec Statue
Cho-Cho and Charity attempt to bring down an Aztec giant
The Kids, having won the match, celebrate their riches
Nostradamus hosts "This Old Sacrifical Well"
Father Time plays the well-keeper
Father Time kicks Nostradamus into the well
Smartypants corrects Miss Information
Miss Information introduces the Mayan solar calendar
Montezuma plays the Aztec sun god
...who flies away
WOW inspects Toltec warrior statues
Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho "drink the water"
Loud blows out Molly Pitcher's eardrums

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