Episode #14 - China

Sketch List:
Lao Tzu Opening
Theme: It's Called Histeria!
China Opening: Confucius
Pop Quiz

[commercial break]

The Dragon
The Confucius Group: The Chopstick Vs. the Fork
Song Dynasty: The Musical (960-1279 AD)

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Digest While You Rest: Chinese
Khan Family School of Conquering (1279 AD)

Images from the episode:

Big Fat Baby being pulled by Fetch
Confucius say a bird in the hand...is very bad table manners
Confucius say egg drop soup should be seen and not heard
Confucius say never belch before a lady
Froggo to Charity: 'sorry, I didn't know it was your turn'
Confucius tells Big Fat Baby to stop drooling on his sandals
Pepper finds Confucius
The silk industry begins in China
Confucius debates the fork and the chopstick
Confucius is carried off by the People's Army
Histeria's Digest While You Rest--learn Chinese
Pepper buys the tape
You'll learn words such as "water" and "pants"
Pepper uses her new skills to order at a Chinese restaurant
Chit Chatterson makes the sales pitch
The Dragon (Jerry Lewis)
The dragon parades down the street
Long before those Macy's Parade balloons
Froggo and a gong
Froggo holds a spear
Genghis Khan (John Wayne)
Khan doesn't need no friggin' sketch approval
Marco Polo, world traveler and inventor of water games
Bet y'all would like one of these non-existent tshirts
Kublai Khan (Stallone)
Khan gets shipwrecked...noooooo!!!
Loud Kiddington
Loud with some arrows
Peking Man...get it?
Pepper Mills and Ben Franklin
Pepper lookin' cute
Father Time hosts Pop Quiz
Ringo Starr #1
Ringo Starr #2
No one wants to hear from Mr. Smartypants
Song Dynasty, the Musical
Wang Newton
The Kid Chorus
Charity and Aka in Chinese clothes
Doing a sketch about the invention of the chair
Frank Sinatra for the abacus, another Chinese invention
Loud sings off-key about rice
The Kid Chorus sings about the fall of Song
Marco Polo went to see 'Song Dynasty'
Susanna Susquahanna on Pop Quiz
World's Oldest Woman gets the steam treatment

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