Episode #13 - A Blast in the Past

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Sketch List:

Theme - It's Called Histeria!
Valley of the Kings Intro (1922)
This Was Your Life

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Big Fat Twin Babies (song)
Romulus and Remus

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The Vomitorium Sketch

Images from the episode:

Going down into Tut's tomb
Loud didn't know anything about any curse!
Big Fat Baby trips a trap, and is shushed by Miss Info
Spears miss our heroes
BFB is pulled safely from a pit of spikes
Which has to be jumped to avoid the giant rolling spikes
Charity is the last to make it across
But she and Father Time have to run their tails off
Miss Info kicks in an escape door
They discover the mummy load
Guess again! You've found...
Charity: Histeria!
Froggo: Histeria!
All: Histeria!
Back at Tut's tomb, this time it's not so lighthearted
Miss Info starts to panic from fear
Howard Carter leads their doomed selves inside
Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom...
Charity isn't happy about doom, but Aka & Cho are there for her
Until the mummified Tut wakes
He's got them all backed into a corner
But it's actually just "This Was Your Life"!
A word from Noah Webster
Tut's wet nurse has brought him his meal
Tut's brother Smenkare isn't happy he's not famous
Pepper Mills plays Tut's former wife
Lord Carnarvon's about to die from the curse
Howard Carter, responsible for making Tut a household name
Big Fat Babies can make you sick
Loud translates for Tut
Toast narrates the babies' journey downstream
Charity and the Vestal Virgins
Lydia doesn't want any explanation of virginity on this show
Pepper introduces King Numa
Numa's evil brother Amulius
He sends the babies downstream so he can have the throne unchallenged
Charity watches them drift by
They are picked up by a she-wolf, shown here in the present day
The BFB's new wolf brother Vinnie
And sister Angie
As time (and gas) passes, the wolves decide it's time for the babies to return
They return and drive their evil uncle out
And, as Pepper tells us, Romulus went on to found Rome
And they later had lots of par-tays
Lucky Bob and Cho-Cho enjoy themselves at a Roman feast
While Loud and Froggo head for the Vomitorium
Lydia pops up to tell us that this practice is not to be glamorized
Though it is true that the Romans did this in their day
Miss Info and her tour group wander the place, throwing up
Chit pitches a new product to full-bellied Father Time
It's called "The Feather"! Just a little throat tickle and the food comes back up
Toast, Froggo, and Lucky Bob in the bathroom
Molly Pitcher recommends rehydration
World's Oldest readies a mouthful of vomit
And then grabs Marc Antony
Loud adapts his "see it/don't see it" bit
Lydia has had enough, and charges in and slips on puke
After she throws up, Toast notices the tasty roast pork she ate
So long from Histeria
Froggo and Pule: Histeria!
Pepper: Histeria!
World's Oldest found what she was digging for
Say bye-bye babies
Lydia's writing a letter of complaint to herself
See you next time

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