Episode #12 - The American Revolution, part II

Sketch List:
Theme: It's Called Histeria!
George and Martha Washington Opener: For I Cannot Tell A Lie (song)

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The Boston Tea Party: Background
The Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773)

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Loud Kiddington Jingle
Shot Heard 'round the World (April 19, 1775)
Midnight-Line - The Ride of Paul Revere (April 18, 1775)

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George and Martha Washington Closing

Images from the episode:

Everybody welcome your hosts George and Martha Washington
Hey, that's no lie
George goes into his "I Cannot Tell A Lie" song
Martha 'pockets' George's famous thrown silver dollar
George sleeps around
But Martha'll always be his first lady
Napoleon sinks
Father Time, Loud Kiddington, Big Fat Baby, and the shot heard 'round the world
George: that was me
I didn't brush my teeth, I used a power sander
That's why 4 out of 5 amateur dentists recommend "Pachydents"
You can even enjoy corn on the cob
And catch a musket ball at 30 paces
Yes, Pachydents, the only false teeth made from real ivory
But the elephants aren't exactly happy about it
Histeria's Midnight-Line with Fred Moppel
Tonight: Paul Revere and his ride
His horse has to file for workhorse's comp
The Brits pick him up for disturbing the peace
And just laugh at him
King George III likes his taxes
The colonists refuse to pay
Unless you stick guns in their face
The Boston Tea Party and its primaries
The tea party didn't start 'til way late
They dress up like Native Americans and toss 341 crates of tea into Boston Harbor
Some natives protest their portrayal as savages
They only use their war cry in battle and when playing Yahtzee
Some Kennedy fish get too much caffeine
It was the most curious tea party I'd ever been to, says Alice
Alice in Wonderland
A British officer wanders by, and is distracted
He wants a drink of tea...but it's all in the drink
Kiddington and the damage done
The colonists do a happy dance
Bye-bye from Histeria sez Miss Info
'Aloha' says Loud Kiddington

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