Episode #11 - Really, Really Oldies But Goodies

Sketch List:
Opening: Kid Chorus (Have A Blast In the Past)
Theme - It's Called Histeria!
Sumerian Alphabet (2400 B.C.)
Mummy Song: Way Down Upon the Nile River (song)
Crazy Ahmed's Mummufication

[commercial break]

Egyptian Cats Musical (2100 B.C.)
Pepper Mills Jingle
Great Egyptian Pyramid (2000 B.C.)

[commercial break]

We've Been Slavin' on the Pyramid
Egyptian Headache Commercial (2500 B.C.)
One and Only Alexander
On the Road to Alexandria
Easter Buddy Island (song)
Closing: Kid Chorus

Images from the episode:

The kids sing "Have a Blast in the Past"
Ancient Sumeria with Loud & Charity
The kids ride a camel
The kids dance in place
Toast feed WOW grapes
It's time to sing the Cuneiform song!
Sing it!
Hold on, you're not done!
Worn out
Attacking Father Time
Kids sing "Way Down Beside the Nile River"
Inside a pyramid
It's not a place to spend the night
BFB tries sneaking up on a cat
Froggo and a kitty urn
Miss Info
It's Histeria's "Egyptian Cats"
It's pure raucous screeching
Crazy Ahmed offers cheap mummification
Mummifying someone who's not dead yet
Wrapping bandages and soaking in embalming fluid
He's craaaazy
The kids sing "We've been slaving on the pyramids"
Aka and Charity have headaches
Loud and Pule's nerves are pretty shot
It's a job that's pretty lousy
Because it's so darn hot!
Cleopatra and Marc Antony are contestants on "Great Egyptian Pyramid"
Pepper is teamed with Cleo
And Pepper is one excited young woman
Horse and Antony, the competing team
Pepper does well
Hitting herself in the head with a hammer
Horse and Antony don't fare so well
Sorry, 0/5 doesn't beat Pepper
Pepper looks so cute
Famous Pharaohs
Oh, what a feeling
Alexander the Great with a comb sword and baby shield
A genius for naming cities
Toast needs directions to "Alexandria"
Aka and Pule
Charity looks through a magnifying glass
Miss Info and her finger
Letting evil spirits out with Trephination
Miss Info
Miss Info #2
Get to work, you useless she-goat!
Pule gets whipped
The kids point to Easter Island
Big rock
Kid Chorus diagonal shot
Toast gets sunburned
The Moai statues
Carved elsewhere, brought to Easter Isle
Pule carves a statue
One theory for the statues' existence
Dancing kid chorus
Bye-bye from...
Pepper and WOW: Histeria!
Moai Statues: Histeria!

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