Episode #10 - The U.S. Civil War, Part II

Sketch List:
Theme: It's Called Histeria!
Abraham Lincoln Opening
The Civil War (song)
The Uncivil War, with host Lydia Karaoke

[commercial break]

Johnny Shiloh (song)
The Civil War, Part 729

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Abe's Tall and Geeky Shop, part 1
Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead (1864)
Abe's Tall and Geeky Shop, part 2

Images from the episode

Abe wins the White House in...what year was it, BFB?
Froggo dresses as Abe, facial wart included
Big Fat Baby, looks great
The Brady Civil Bunch
Admiral Farragut says "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
Within earshot of Lydia...oops
Lydia tries to get him to instead say "I'm having a problem with the torpedoes!"
But Lydia begins to understand after getting hit by one
"The Uncivil War", H's Family Feud parody
The North vs. the South
General U.S. Grant hits on Lydia
General Sherman burns his microphone
General Robert E. Lee holds a steamboat model
Creepy rural Southern dude General Stonewall Jackson
Team leader Abe Lincoln gets control of the board
U.S. Grant tries his hand
Reasons for the war: Societal Differences, survey says...
Sherman burns and destroys his podium
The final board, reasons for the Civil War
Glam-rock Johnny Shiloh
Toast plays Johnny Shiloh, famous Civil War kid
After the war, went to West Point
Dancing kid chorus
Having a hard time finding clothes for the enormously tall?
Come to Abe's Tall and Geeky shop
Abe and Miss Info
The Histeria parody of a PBS documentary
Mary Filbert writes to her lover on the battlefield
Local townie Lucky Bob, a subject of her letters
Phineas Halberstram, our hero, writes of his army misery, waiting endlessly for reinforcements
Phinny in the outhouse
Mary writes innocently of tea party suitors
Meanwhile the men are starting to contract the brain fever
General Mortimer Polk is so hungry he's eating his pen
Phineas starts to lose it...
Mary at the pool
The violin music throughout this sketch is driving the soldiers insane
So they hunt down the violinist, finding Mr. Smartypants
The men have lost their minds and eat his violin
But the violin comes back! The men go mad again...
Phinny's final letter to Mary
She doesn't comprehend

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