Episode #08 - The Know-It-Alls

Sketch List:
Nostradamus (1555)
Theme: Addams Family
Know-It-Alls Intro with Nostradamus
The Confucius Group: Chicken or the Egg?

[commercial break]

Rene Descartes (1629)

[commercial break]

Matching Wits
Nostradamus Closing

Snap, snap
The show cost lots of money, it's called Histeria!
In the clouds.
Miss Information
Lydia on Sigmund Freud's couch
Yay Nostradamus, yay
Nostradamus with a book
Nostradamus looks into his bowl of water
Watching Nostradamus
Wowed at his abilities
World's Oldest Woman and Confucius not getting along
Confucius doesn't care what Darwin has to say
Live via satellite, Nelson Mandela
Confucius wants to stir fry his special guests
Descartes searches for a catchphrase to make him famous
Cho-Cho sells magazine subscriptions to Descartes
Cho-Cho the sales expert
Lucky Bob with a stack of periodicals
Descartes is sick of getting interrupted
I'm not happy...
Aka gets Descartes to change the baby
Is this the catchphrase he was looking for?
Miss Info finds a match on Nostradamus' "Matching Wits"
She doesn't care for Edison and his phonograph
Miss Info and Nostradamus again
Freud has maternal issues
Finally, one of her potential suitors is smart enough to know what she wants
Mr. Smartypants: smartest man who ever lived
Nostradamus demonstrates his awesome power
It involves knowing what a number multiplied by 0 is gonna be...
Loud knows
Bye bye from Miss Info, Smartypants, and Histeria

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