Episode #07 - More Explorers

Sketch List:
Big Fatzilla Baby Jingle
Theme - Histeria Nite Live
The Confucius Group: Explorers
The Bermudez Triangle
The Discoverer Card: Admiral Richard Byrd

[commercial break]

Exploring the Explorers: B. Straitman & WOW
The Ballad of Father Time Jingle
Big Blunders (Vikings)
Name That Sword

[commercial break]

The Discoverer Card: Marco Polo
Eyewitness to History: Niagra Falls
Big Blunders: Montezuma
Images from the episode:

Juan de Bermudez and Big Fat Baby go sailing
A map of the Bermuda Triangle
Toast in a raincoat
A giant Big Fat Baby emerges from the ocean
BFB stares into a skyscraper, Lydia faints
For the many Charity fans, a big cute picture
Admiral Richard Byrd for the Discoverer Card
Marco Polo for the Discoverer Card
Eric the Red argues with his wife over whether or not he's dead
Bill Straitman interviews Hakon the Good about his weapon collection
Cortez and his men gloat over their conquests
Histeria as a Star Trek-like crew
BFB drifts by at Niagra Falls
Mad barrel-riding schoolteacher Annie Edson Taylor
Loud Kiddington watches Taylor become the first barrel-rider to go down the falls
Charity narrates the Niagra Falls sketch
Sarah Coopersmith-Fitzwarren-Goldenheimer-Stein hosts Big Blunders
Sarah C. again
Columbus bestows upon the Native Americans the "gift" smallpox
WOW gets a little too affectionate for Bill Straitman's taste

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