Episode #06 - The American Revolution, part I

Sketch List:
Theme: Histeria March
The Return of the American Revolution/Washington Monologue
The Banks of the Delaware River (Dec 24, 1776)

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Showdown at Yorktown, Part 1
Molly Pitcher (1778)

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Showdown at Yorktown, Part 2

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Images from the episode:

Big Fat Babies dance across the battlefield
Former President William Jefferson Clinton
The Dec. 24, 1776 Delaware raid
Gen. Washington crosses the Delaware
Watch out for them pesky rocks
George Washington gives a pep talk to the troops
George Washington and Miss Info
Pepper gets George's autograph
Washington poses proudly
Washington 'salutes' the troops camped outside his quarters
L.A., founded the year the Revolution ended
Molly Pitcher for water
Delivering water to her parched husband manning the cannons
Manning the cannons after her husband is killed in battle
Nathan Hale--"I regret that I have but one life to give for my country."
Generals Washington and Cornwallis glare at each other
World's Oldest and Mr. Smartypants await the cannon blast
Commentators on the Battle of Yorktown
Fetch wants to play with a cannonball
British redcoats march
General Cornwallis watches the battle, as Fetch plays with a cannonball
British troops fire their muskets
Miss Info and her tour group watch the men at war
Fetch makes the catch
Froggo, Charity, and Pule boogie down

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