Episode #05 - The Wild West

Sketch List:
Theme - Histeria! March
Billy the Kiddies Show - Opening
The Gold Rush (song)

[commercial break]

Indian Givers
Meet The Earps
Miss Information and Company: Doc Holiday (1881)

[commercial break]

Pony Express (1860)
Pony Express Tag (1861)
Home on the Range: Buffalo Bill Cody

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Images from the episode:

The Wild^2 West
Some natives sign autographs for M.Info's tour group
Sheriff Garrett, played by Clint Eastwood
Billy the Kid in jail
Lydia stops Billy from sending the Kid Chorus for guns
Lydia talks demagraphics with Billy
...she can save the show's ratings by making Billy a girl
He looks like Molly Pitcher
and he ain't havin' none of that
But the sheriff realizes there's a jailbreak
Billy doesn't mind the disguise now, though
The Eaarp Brothers: Froggo, Loud, Toast
Buffalo Bill Cody is interviewed by Bill Straitman
Froggo on a coin-operated horse
Father Time, offstage, watches Animaniacs
It's a 'Good Idea' to keep your gold mine quiet as a mime
Some miners do a double take on a chunk of gold
Gen. George Armstrong Custer hosts "Indian Givers"
...with Sitting Bull
Undesirable land used for reservations
Custer over at the horn
Doc Holliday
Miss Info does her interview
Big smiley Miss Info
Doc is getting upset by Miss Info's dumb questions
So she calls in Bugs Bunny...'what's up, doc?'
Horace Greenley--go west, young man, and grow up with the country
Miss Info and Father Time
Loud and the kids
Sheriff Loud
Toast works for the Pony's competitor..."Dude"
Toast covered in dust
Fooperman working for the post office
Ronnie Reagan for the Pony Express
The telegraph spelled the end of the Pony Express
Lucky Bob's got his own raygun
World's Oldest Woman with arrows through her hair

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