Episode #04 - The Attack of the Vikings

Sketch list:
Theme: It's Called Histeria!
I'm Liking Being a Viking (10th Century) (song)

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Sven Chatterson's North Sea Boat Show
Pillaging & Plundering (8th-11th Century)

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See It/Don't See It
Meet The Vikings with Bill Straitman
Vahalla Cantina & Grill
The Viking 1 Explorer (1975)

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An Important Message From Big Fat Baby Girl

Images from the episode

Froggo gets carted off by vikings
Vikings yell and run...
Vikings took even the clothes off Father Time's back
Loud as a viking
Revolutionaria...it's time for Histeria!
Leif Ericcson thinks vikings got a bad rap...though he's a good rapper
Charity Bazaar sharpens a really big sword
In Scandanavia there wasn't much to do in winter...besides terrorize Europe
The Kid Chorus rapping
Christopher looks through his eyeglass toward America
And finds Leif already there
The kid chorus makes off with money
If vikings were around today they'd probably be attorneys
World's Oldest as a terrifying-looking viking
Miss Info as a viking
Sven Chatterson's boat countenance shop
Sven deals with a customer
Sven shows off his latest...the 'savage tiger'
Ooh, the little sad kitty vikings are going to depress us!
The 'fearsome dragon' design isn't appealing, either
None of these are exactly threatening
So Sven offers his own special services...
Loud can see the shore
Loud can't see the shore...quite a difference
Bill interviews Loud after he 'sees' North America
Loud's crew goes back to Leif and tells him about North America
Miss Info's tour group runs from attacking vikings
Shown here
They've boarded Kathie Lee's cruise line
So the vikings make off with her
...and quickly regret it
Kathie tells them all about her wonderful kids and those lazy sweatshop workers
The demands are presented to Gifford
But the vikings end up bringing her back
Valhalla...were every viking warrior wanted to go posthumously
The kids sing it
Odin, king of the Norse Gods
Molly and her bottomless mead mug
Best of all in Valhalla you can fight all day and not get hurt
And tuesday night is ladies' night...
Viking 1, a Mars probe sent up by NASA
It wasn't really filled with ancient vikings...

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