Episode #03 - The U.S. Civil War

Sketch List:
Backstage with Abe Lincoln
Theme: Histeria! March
Histeria! Presents the Civil War
Monologue: Abe Lincoln

[commercial break]

The Hits of the (18)60's
Abe-Feld (1862)
Loud Kiddington Jingle
Gettysburg Address (1863)

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The Emancipation Proclaimation Hoedown (song)
The Civil War Ends (April 9, 1865)
Images from the episode

A close up of the 13th Amendment
Hits of the 1860's
Backstage with Abe Lincoln, WOW works on his makeup
Sammy Melman comes in to meet Abe
Quick focus group...Santa = good
Sammy assures Abe won't bomb, 'cos country bumpkins are in
The barber does his thing
Facial hair scares kids
So the barber shaves him, but he's even scarier without it
Lydia's having problems with the phrase "Lincoln Logs"
Abe wearing a green suit
Pepper is about to find out she's not getting an autograph from Lurch
Father Time grabs Abe...tick tock
Abe is finally on stage doing his monologue
Abe stars in his own Seinfeld parody
Pinkerton does a Kramer entry
Pinkerton searches for Southern spies
Overly cautious General George McClellan
After being fired McClellan vows to run against Abe in 1864
Abe next to the Histeria logo
Big Fat Baby as Lincoln
The Confederate States of America
Froggo represents the South
Loud represents the North
Abe gives his Gettysburg Address
Loud listens to the address, having trouble with the "four score" concept
But does some quick math...he means 1776!
Getting a pay off from Washington and Jefferson to heckle Lincoln
Three bucks?! Lincoln pays you off with a fiver!
But scream loud enough, and the whole crowd'll pay you off just to shut up
Abe finishes one of the more significant speeches of history
Hoe'n down with the kid chorus
CSA President Jefferson Davis
The Civil War Kid Chorus
Lincoln patches up the country at the Mason-Dixon line
Gen. Sherman burns everything in sight
Gen. Lee surrenders to Gen. Grant to end the Civil War

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