Episode #02 - Inventors Hall of Fame, Part I

Sketch list:
Theme: It's Called Histeria!

Philo Farnsworth
The Telephone Zone, part 1 (March 10, 1876)
Visiting Thomas Edison (1879)

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Toast Jingle
Ask Me If I Care, with J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Telephone Zone, part 2

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Mr. Smarty Pants: The Toilet
The Telephone Zone, part 3
Images from the episode:

A.G. Bell gets introduced to the state of the art in phones
A.G. Bell gets his one phone call down at the police station
Mr. Smartypants introduces Mr. Crapper
Crapper, a talented plumber
One of the first toilets
Lydia puts a stop to all this 'Crapper' business
Thomas Alva Edison
Edison considers a new invention--canned hair for bald men
Edison's nephew Loud Kiddington
Edison stares a raving Pepper in the eyes
Toast, Charity, and Lucky Bob record a song
Toast interviews J. Robert Oppenheimer
Einstein played guitar? Wasn't it the violin?
The more famous inventors taunt Philo Farnsworth, man behind the TV

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