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I thought I'd throw together this little list of factoids for all of you out there so that I don't keep getting 10 million one-line emails asking the same questions. Not that I don't love getting mail, I just like seeing a little personality in the emails. Anyway, crack open a beverage of your choice as I begin with a big ol' center tag...

Histeria FAQ

1. Is there any way to buy tapes of the show?

No. I don't think AOL Time-Warner would even want to release Histeria on VHS or DVD, considering the show wasn't a great success. You might find someone to trade with.

2. Will the show ever air again?

Probably. TvTome (though notorious for making mistakes) reports Cartoon Network wants to air it again next year.

3. Your sounds/images/whatever page isn't working.

Well, EH is a dead site for right now. I'm not updating it. I've done everything I wanted to for the show. If the show is picked up on Cartoon Network next year, I'm going to try to secure a dot com for the site and rebuild it, but until then, I tend to be a busy person.

4. Will you send me tapes of the show?

No. Sorry, I get too many requests for this. I'd be in front of my VCRs all day making copies, and they aren't very good copies anyway. I mean, they're all right, especially the tapes I received from a brief contact I had with Mr. Ruegger, but nothing worth screaming about. I have made copies of certain episodes for teachers and educators in the past, but around the time I got a "real job" my free time became rather precious to me. So I don't know what to tell you. Maybe I can make you a copy of an episode or two in a case of extreme need, but why would anyone have an extreme need for a cartoon show? So let me know.

5. Will you post my fan fiction?

No. Take it to the bulletin board.

6. Can you make me a particular picture/soundfile/avi clip/guitar tab/etc.?

No. Until the site comes back, I've discontinued "requests". Also worth mentioning, angelfire seriously reduced the amount of server space each account can have earlier this year. This destroyed my sounds page like you wouldn't believe. And I don't think they even allow storage of mp3s on their site anyway. I keep a couple on my Kazaa account, but I'm hardly ever on it, being a dial-up customer.

That's about it for now. See you when Histeria comes back on the air, whenever that is. --Norung