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Encyclopedia Histeria!
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Encyclopedia Histeria!

Encyclopedia Histeria

"Histeria!" is Warner Brothers' hysterical, historical, and extremely hilarious animated sketch comedy show that left the national airwaves on Thursday, August 30, 2001.

Frequently Asked Questions
(As of October 18, 2002)

I have heard that some localities still air the show; check Yahoo Television and see if it's still on in your area. So until such time as Histeria! moves to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon (use the links and briefly tell 'em that you want to see Histeria on their station), check out some of the sections below and learn more about what will always be history's funniest cartoon.

New!! Take a look at the all-new Fan Art page, where visitors to this site can submit their drawings for all to see. Want your taste of Histeria-related fame? Send submissions to

Recent Updates The last time I added something new was...10/20/2001 Histeria Message Board Post messages and chat about Histeria with your fellow Histerians Histeria Episode Guide Contains complete sketch listings, word-for-word transcripts, and full-color images from every episode Histeria Sounds and Songs Download sound clips and full-length songs from the show Histeria Song Lyrics Lyrics to every song ever sung on Histeria The Histeria Cast Learn about your (many) guides through the ages Histeria Voice Artists Learn about the people who voiced your favorite characters Histeria Links Everything Histeria-related the search engines managed to cough up, all in one place Histeria Images Over 1000 pictures from the show The Ten Day Poll Find out what Histeria fans' favorites were The Church of Lucky Bob You know, I once saw a Lucky Bob-shaped spaghetti stain on my shirt... Upcoming Episodes Find out what episodes will air in the coming weeks Got Requests? Want something that isn't here, like a sound file or picture? Just email me, Norung, because I live to serve
All images, sounds, and content I have merely compiled. All sounds, content, and images remains the property of Warner Bros. Animation, who I in no way claim to represent. Printed without permission. This site was born on 7/26/2000

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