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Ellen DeGeneres Tribute Page

The Ellen DeGeneres Appreciation Page

The Ellen DeGeneres Appreciation Page

This page is dedicated to Ellen and those who appreciate her (affectionately called "Ellenheads"), not only as a gifted performer, but also as a principled, caring person. Her coming out has not only provided a public figure with whom many of us identify, but also a role model for gay and lesbian youth everywhere. We love you Ellie, and your mother, Betty, too! !

Note: Have not updated this page in many years, but now that she has a new hit with her daytime talk show,I will get to thisin early 2005!


Check out the FREE Ellen screensaver I made, in honor of National Coming Out Day !

Ellen on the cover of the Advocate

Gillian Anderson has joined Ellen in the fight for lesbian and gay rights, and has attended many functions for the cause. Go, Gillian!

BE SURE TO SEE ELLEN IN 'ED TV', 'GOODBYE LOVER', AND 'THE LOVE LETTER'! Ellen received excellent reviews in all three films, and I personally believe she steals the show in each one!


Now on DVD: Ellen stars with Sharon Stone in "If these walls could talk (2)!"

This film, directed by Anne Heche, tells the story of a lesbian couple's efforts to have a child together.

On To My Ellen Photo Page:

Ellen Photo page

Ellen's mailing address(I can't guarantee this is current):


8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Also, be sure to get Betty's books, "Love Ellen", and "Just a Mom", available now!

Me and "Mrs. Ellen's Mommy" at a book signing in San Francisco

Ellen made a guest appearance on "The View" in 1998, in order to bring some much-needed attention to the issue of Hate Crimes against lesbian and gay people. She gave a moving and articulate account of the impact of Matthew Shepard's murder, and a plea for gays and straights to unite against the violence and hate. Ellen does our community proud, giving us a voice, and promoting compassion and tolerance with her activism. She expresses the things that many of us would like to say in a public forum, if given the opportunity, and I am grateful that she continues to do so. Thank you, Ellen!


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