Talk Like a FRIEND

So you wanna speak like the characters on FRIENDS, but can't remember all their floopy terminology? Not to worry. It's not so hard. Just add a "y" (pronounced eeee) at the end of a desired word, preferably a verb:"What's that flippy thing with your hair?" If your talking about a person add a guy or girl to the description: "Ugly Naked Guy, Itchy Girl" Be sure to make liberal usage of "not" and "so": "Do we not like them?" or "You are so going to Minsk." Use "so" and "not" together in the same sentence and get a double whammy: "That is so not true!"
To talk like...
Chandler: Add emphasis to "not": "That is so not true." Put emphasis to the word that ussually wont be emphasized: "Could that report be any later?" Also, say exactly what's on your mind with a smirk.
Monica: Add a "shall we" at the end of any sentence: "Let's analyze this, shall we?"
Ross: Just enuciate every word very clearly and make sure to use archaic terms: "I wanna woo her."
Phoebe: Sprinkle in plenty of non sequitors.
Joey: Be sure to state the obvious and then add "If you know what I mean" at the end of a sentence.
Rachel: Tilt your head to the right and race your voice by about 2 octaves while whinning.

Doi - Duh
Filter tip little buddy - Cigarette.
Floopy - Messed up.
Icky - Gross
Nippular area/boobies - Boobs
Nuh uh - No.
So not true - Not true.
Testosteroney - Macho
Yuh huh - Yes

FRIENDS speak is so not hard, if you know what I mean. Let's try it shall we?

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