Friends Withdrawal Syndrom

Every Friends fan has experienced a condition called "Friends Withdrawal Syndrom".

1: You find yourself humming "I'll Be There For You" or "Smelly Cat" in odd places [ex. in the middle of an important meeting or during a midterm]

2: You look in the New York City Yellow Pages to try to find where "Central Perk" is located.

3: You turn your entire house upside down in search of an episode that you're sure that you taped (well, maybe you didn't)

4: Online 19 hours a day searching through all the "Friends" web pages, and waiting for an update.

5: You find yourself yelling out Chandlerisms or Phoebeisms in normal conversations

6: You look in Webster's dictionary for Phoebe's words [floopy, twirly], and write to complain to them that they don't have it

7: You go to the Warner Bros. store to try to buy merchandise

8: You download all of Phoebe's songs, put them on a tape, and play it over and over and over again wherever you are

9: No matter how bad a movie is, if it has a "Friends" character in it, you will go and see it 5 times

10: You start taking on the habits of the "Friends" [ex. could I BE any more depresed?]

11: You drag 5 of your friends to a coffee house, even if they hate coffee

12: You get 5 of your friends to perform scenes from Friends with you.

13: You made your own web page.

14: When you hear someone say, "So no one" you break out in the theme song of Friends.

15: You've checked out all the webpages of Friends and is looking for more.