The Big Cup

Congratulations! You've found "The Big Cup".On Central Perk, you may have noticed that the coffee cups are so big. Who knows who can finish that much coffee(I mean I can't finish it)? There are also small cups in one episode, but they're also too tiny. I wonder if you can get a medium one?
Who's the most curious character on Friends? I can't really think about it now, but I think they're all curious. Well, you most likely have that quality because you spotted this picture on my webpage and clicked on it.
So now that you're here, you might as well take advantage of it. If you own a Friends webpage, take the picture, and put it anywhere you like on your webpage where it will be hard to see.(height=30 width=30) Make it link to: It would be really fun to see how many people have adopted "The Big Cup".
E-mail me,, and tell me if you've adopted "The Big Cup" and which homepage you got it from.